The Matthew McConaughey Song Ft. Jay Dyer – “Jus Wanna Meet New People N Do Cool Tings”

The chillest dude ever has teamed up with the second chalet dude ever to do a duet of unparalleled relaxed proportions to discuss with Papa the coolest things to do plus bonus music dealing with meeting new people. Big Live Event in Nashville June 3-4 before my Cali event! I’ll be speaking here! tix HERE Next […]

Spider-Man: No Way Home & Matrix Resurrection Analyses: Meta – Multi Everything

 Metamulti propaganda is now the rage! As we covered in 2018 -2019, the simulation theory is aligning with the met averse who is making out with the other bff, multiverse theory. Multi meta everything is prepping us for the acceptance of new notions of what “reality” is, leading to the actual matrix pod. I’ve […]

Jungle Cruise, Wonder Woman 1984, MORE Black Widow, Old – Weird New Movies! Jay Dyer

 Time for an updated movie review stream with some new installments. I recently watched these films and saw some very strange things we need to discuss.   The goddess theme seems to be more and more prevalent in films, as well as esoteric themes relating to the serpent, gnosis, the Tree of Life, and […]

Pope Prays with Devil Worshippers? Voodoo World Order – Jay Dyer Show #3 with Jamie

 Another installment for the ROK!   Links will be added in the description.  We will cover hot and spicy news topics and thinks to hype for the soft… We cover shadow people in Big Sur, the tinfoil weakness, voodoo, letters to the elite, eating bugs, vacuum of immortality, Aztec rituals, and best voodoo movies. […]

X Files Explained – Top 10 Episodes & Fight the Future Film! Jay & Jamie Dyer (Half)

  We finally tackle X-Files in terms of the overall story arc and the top 10 episodes of all time, based on our own esoteric and extreme silly level criteria.  We will look at classics like the Leech Man, the real meaning behind the 1998 Fight the Future Feature Film and the weirdest installments.  The […]

GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, World is Not Enough & More! Jay Dyer

 Today we pick up where we left off a couple years ago when we covered Goldfinger, Dr. No and some of the key Sean Connery 007 installments with a fresh look at the Dalton and Brosnan Bonds.  shoutout to Daril O. for reminding me of all the wild elements in GoldenEye, which prompted me […]
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Waking Life & A Scanner Darkly – Jay Dyer & Tristan Haggard

Jay and Tristan cover two well known Richard Linklater classics: Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly. PKD plays prominently here, so we will touch on the esoteric, gnostic and dystopian sillycone valley elites and their longterm plans now coming to fruition. Linklater’s films, especially Waking Life, were/are hipster and Austin area favorites, featuring the one […]

It, It Follows, Cabin on the Woods, The Fly & More! – Jay & Jamie Dyer

 Spooktober concludes with a fresh batch of relevant horror films covering the dark rituals at work in Hollywood and society.  We will cover It, It 2 (old and new), It Follows, Village of the Damned, The Fly (Cronenberg) and Cabin in the Woods. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Extravaganza! Last Action Hero, Junior, 6th Day, Running Man!

 As promised, we continue the Arnold sci fi theme with some of the Schwarzenfun. Unintentionally a comedy master, Arnold’s 80s and 90s arcana are full of future predictions worth analyzing and noting.  From cloning to driverless cars to economic colllapse around 2020, We will analyze Eraser, 6th Day, Last Action Hero, Running Man and […]