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Ep94 – How to address immune function to beat viruses – you can start today!

A short clip from Sky News of Dr. Aseem Malhotra, introducing his brand new book available now from Amazon – followed by a short podcast we recorded yesterday in Kensington, London. We go through the basics of how the best thing you can do to mitigate severity of viral infection outcomes – is the get … Ep94 – How to address immune function to beat viruses – you can start today! Read More »

Could Boosting the Immune System Halt Autism and Schizophrenia?

Scientists have for years theorized that the immune system and the brain are more interconnected than previously thought, with findings of recent studies backing this hypothesis. For example, researchers recently discovered there is a physical connection between the immune system and the brain’s blood supply. Now, researchers have recently begun to find out that there may be a more psychological connection.

Cord-Blood Transplants Provide Fresh Hope for Leukemia Patients

The lives of both adults and children with leukemia can be saved with bone marrow or stem cell transplants, but it’s difficult to find a match. Well, a new study shows that (umbilical) cord-blood may work just as well, if not better. [1]
Lead study author Dr. Filippo Milano says:

“Often, cord-blood transplant is thought to be only as the last resource for patients without donors. But cord blood does not have to be considered only an alternative donor source. In centers with experience, it can yield to great outcomes.”

Could Antibiotic Use Lead to Type 1 Diabetes?

In a new study, researchers found that repeated treatments with antibiotics increased the risk of Type 1 diabetes in the rodents. [1]
The finding is harrowing, considering that approximately half of all prescriptions written for antibiotics in the United States are inappropriate and that a recent study found that antibiotics are prescribed to children about twice as often as they should be. [2]