Biden insults LEGAL immigrants by promoting people who break immigration laws [Video]

Liberal people really are out of their minds. We have prime examples of this by simply listening to the thoughts of Imposter Joe and Cackling Kamala… well, more often Imposter Joe. Kamala is too busy hiding and only appearing in her inane push to actually become President.  Joe Biden spoke to a group of immigrants at […]

New Zealand mosque massacre fueled by social media hate speech

A screen grab of the entrance to one of the mosques from the livestream’s first few seconds of the Christchurch, NZ massacre of Muslims  
The mass murder of Muslims in two Christchurch, New Zealand mosques today serves as a grim reminder of the dangers of unchecked social media exchange.
Those who plotted and executed the attack which killed at least 49 Muslims worshipers could not have done so without inspiration and support from other extremist groups on social media and other online networks.

The Military Contractor Making Millions Helping Trump Tear Families Apart

“I’m guessing that in MVM’s mission statement, one of the central components isn’t the care of refugee children.” (CD) While outraged Americans across the country are calling their elected representatives and taking to the streets to protest the Trump administration’s forcible separation of parents and children at the U.S.-Mexico border, intelligence and defense contractors are raking in millions thanks […]

Immigrant Arrests Up 40% Under Trump, Deportations Down

Immigration activists hold a banner while protesting the GEO Group which is one of the nation’s largest private prison companies and operator of multiple immigration detention centers. (AP/Gosia Wozniacka)
SANTA ANA, Calif.  — U.S. immigration arrests increased nearly 40 percent in early 2017 as newly emboldened agents under President Donald Trump detained more than 40,000 people suspected of being in the country illegally — with a renewed focus on immigrants without criminal convictions.

Sessions Chooses Latino Community Victimized By Hate To ‘Drum Up Fear Of Immigrant Violence’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks to members of law enforcement Friday, April 28, 2017, in Central Islip, N.Y. Sessions discussed the street gang that’s gripping the suburban area. (AP/Frank Franklin II)
Before uttering a word of his speech on Salvadoran gang violence, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions already has opened up old wounds of a Long Island immigrant community still scarred by a 2008 hate crime.
Sessions has chosen the island’s federal courthouse, about 50 miles outside New York City Hall, as the site for his talk on MS-13.

U.S. Citizen Jailed 3 Weeks for Being Suspected Undocumented Immigrant

(ANTIMEDIA) A story last week highlights the fact that undocumented people in America aren’t the only ones affected by Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown.
On Friday, The Daily Beast reported that a U.S. citizen is suing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after being wrongfully held for nearly three weeks.

Irish Prime Minister Subtly Slams Trump to His Face on St. Patrick’s Day

(ANTIMEDIA) Washington, D.C. — Donald Trump is spending St. Patrick’s day meeting foreign heads of state at the White House. One such leader was Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, who gave a joint press conference with Donald Trump on the topic of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland and immigrant the holiday is named after.