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Fair Trade Is Still a Fraud

American Institute for Economic Research, October 20, 2021 Fair Trade Is Still a Fraud James Bovard The Biden administration is embracing the same flawed “fair trade” mantra that previous administrations used to sanctify protectionist policies. Biden’s team has “largely dispensed with the idea of free trade as a goal in and of itself,” the New […]
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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Found to Contain Traces of Glyphosate

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) announced July 25, 2017 that it had discovered traces of the RoundUp chemical glyphosate in 10 of 11 samples of Ben & Jerry’s ice creams. The levels were reportedly far below the limit set by the EPA. [1]
The discovery is a bit of an embarrassment to the ice-cream maker because it has billed itself as a non-GMO company since 2014. Thankfully, the levels found were quite low. [2]

Australian Man Morphs Potatoes into Cheese. Yummy?

If you love cheese but can’t digest dairy, an Australian man has found a way for you to safely enjoy one of your favorite foods. He claims he can create cheese…out of potatoes.
Andrew Dyhin is the founder of a company called Potato Magic, which makes a product called CHATO (CHeese potATO). [1]
CHATO products are not only dairy-free, but vegan- and gluten-free, too.

What the Top 10 Foods on Twitter Say About America’s Health and Habits

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) gave the University of Utah College of Health more than $700,000 to study mentions of food on Twitter to find out about Americans’ relationship with food. Guess what? Kale didn’t make the list; far from it, actually. [1]
Researchers, led by assistant professor Quynh Nguyen, collected 80 million tweets from 2015-2016, and found out that nearly 5% of them were about food. [2]

U.K. Government Orders Restaurants to Cut Size of Desserts

U.K. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has ordered restaurants, pubs, and cafes to make their food and drink healthier by cutting sugar content, and to shrink the size of desserts. [1]
It’s all part of Britain’s plan to combat obesity.
Hunt met with more than 100 major food chains, including McDonald’s, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Starbucks, and Pizza Express, and warned them that each restaurant’s performance would be monitored and that a public campaign would name any violators. 
Hunt said: