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The New James Bond Film Predicted Pandemlc Bi0weapon

Jay Dyer of jaysanalysis guest hosts The hAlex J0nes Show to break down how Ian Fleming’s James Bond stories have been used to inform the public how the world is run by the elite behind the scenes.   Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and lectures or […]
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No Time to Die: The Meaning and Death of James Bond (Half)

 Wed night we will cover to the meaning and symbolism of 007: the propaganda, the evolution of the series, the intelligence background with Fleming and others, the symbolism and esoteric elements, including films we have yet to cover like On Her Majesty’s Secret Service with Lazenby, and more. The second half will be live […]
The post No Time to Die: The Meaning and Death of James Bond (Half) appeared first on JaysAnalysis.com.

Esoteric Hollywood & Alien Engineering: Jay Dyer on Veritas Radio

Mel invited me on the popular Veritas Radio Show to discuss my books, propaganda, the collapse of old Hollywood, the nature of control systems, and how pop culture works to form our minds.  This interview is unique, as Mel is an experienced interviewer who asks tough questions that made me think.  We cover 80s films, 90s films, MK ultra films, and how Hollywood is using the alien agenda for the next phase of initiation.

The Secret History of Movies – Jay Dyer + Jessum Guy

JessumGuy invited me on to his new podcast to discuss my two books, Esoteric Hollywood 1 and 2. We cover the origins of the camera and propaganda, the origins of intelligence services in connection to films and the usage of various techniques that would later be a central aspect of advertising and then 007 and the Bond series. Support his new podcast here.

Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger & Wemhoff Book – Jay Dyer (Half) Live 8PM EST

Tonight I’ll be covering Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger and Thunderball and their Cold War secrets, especially in relation to the first chunk of David Wemhoff’s book on the CIA’s Doctrinal Warfare Program. This is the free half for public viewing, while full talks can be obtained by subscribing at JaysAnalysis at the purchase membership section. 

When RFK Invoked James Bond While Trying to Kill Castro

Newly released documents in the JFK files have cast fresh light on the CIA’s plots to kill Fidel Castro.  One interview with William Harvey – known as ‘America’s James Bond’, reveals that Robert Kennedy invoked 007 while trying to urge the Agency forward in its anti-Castro operations. William King Harvey joined the CIA after being […](Read more...)

Spies, Washington and Hollywood – Tom on Gorilla Radio

Chris Cook invited me back on Gorilla Radio to continue our conversation on all things spy-related. We talked about some of the differences between the British and American intelligence agencies, the role John Le Carré plays in the British spy fiction landscape, the new film American Made and how to spot which films are sponsored by government agencies. (Read more...)

Violent Sadism and a Mink Glove – How the BBFC Censored Thunderball - Spy Culture

The James Bond films, like the books on which they are based, have always pushed the boundaries of acceptable portraits of sex and violence. Documents from the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) show how for Thunderball they reviewed the script, recommending many changes if the film was to achieve the 'A' certificate that the producers wanted.

How the Pentagon rewrote Goldeneye - Spy Culture

Goldeneye is possibly the best of the Pierce Brosnan James Bond films, but like two others in the Brosnan period it relied on US military support. This entailed the Pentagon reviewing the script and demanding two changes - one political, one promotional - in exchange for helping to shoot one brief scene with uniformed soldiers and military vehicles.(Read more...)