There Is No PRIDE In Grooming A Child

In case you hadn’t noticed, June is Pride Month. Pride in what, you ask? Would you believe in homosexuality? And lesbianism? And bisexuality? And now transgenderism? Apparently so. Up until 1967, homosexual acts between consenting males were criminal in Britain. They still are, in some countries. Under Islam, homosexuality can be punished with death, which […]

LGBT Rights — And Wrongs

Throughout history, male homosexuality has been suppressed by social taboo and often by law. During the reign of Henry VIII, An Acte for the punishment of the vice of Buggerie was passed, and although prosecutions were not that common or even vigorous, two men were executed for consensual buggery as recently as 1835. In Britain, […]

Politics & Science: Rahm Emanuel, Mike Pence, Homosexuality, Pandemics, Masks, Vaccines

Aside from their icy-mobster visages, Rahm Emanuel and Mike Pence have something else in common. Both, as members of presidential administrations, tried to rewrite Centers for Disease Control (CDC) pandemic guidance for political purposes. The reason why one was successful and the other was not has nothing to do with courageous CDC scientists threatening to […]

Patriarch Kirill: Without God, family, traditions, everything collapses [Video]

Russia is making the move to deeply embrace its one thousand year past, uniting today’s modern state with the Empire of the Tsars and even showing how the Soviet Union has its unique place in history which must be remembered. In a four-minute video, we see Patriarch Kirill sign his ballot for the Constitutional referendum, and give an explanation for the actions he sees the country must take.