High Killing Artistic Fears

High Killing Artistic Fears The Ochelli Effect 4-5-2021 Hesher and Terry Tapp High Killing Artistic Fears Chuck ends up talking with Hesher about The George Floyd Murder Trial. Is everyone at the local C-Store high? Is everyone missing the point about Policy Enforcers killing people? Can The MSM only focus on the racial aspect [...]
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Keep Walking Dropping Plates

Keep Walking Dropping Plates The Ochelli Effect 3-29-2021 Hesher Keep Walking Dropping Plates Chuck did a face plant in public but left no bones broken. Hesher and Chuck did a fully unscripted 2 hours. Drug Wars and the culture in the shadows took up most of the conversation in the first hour. Chuck briefly [...]
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Rendering Cancoon Response Art

Rendering Cancoon Response Art The Ochelli Effect 2-22-2021 Hesher and Terry Tapp Rendering Cancoon Response Art Hesher from Alternate Current Radio discussed what the concerns were when The Boiler Room power went down. What does he think of Senator Ted Cruz? Is there anything special about people in power showing no relationship to the [...]
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Hopium Den No Vacancy

Hopium Den No Vacancy The Ochelli Effect 1-25-2021 Hesher Hopium Den No Vacancy Chuck and Hesher discussed the new project they plan to launch in February and took live suggestions about title, structure, and content. The public brainstorming session continued despite Chuck suffering an odd injury. We are hoping that listeners will interact with [...]
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Educational Methods Uncivil Wars

Educational Methods Uncivil Wars The Ochelli Effect 1-18-2021 Hesher and Terry Tapp Educational Methods Uncivil Wars In the first hour of the Monday broadcast, Chuck and Hesher continued the public development of the joint project between Alternate Current Radio and Ochelli. Some current events were covered and some strange lines of thought about who [...]
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Public Brainstorming Boiler Effect

Public Brainstorming Boiler Effect The Ochelli Effect 1-11-2021 Hesher and Regular Joe Public Brainstorming Boiler Effect Chuck and Hesher got together for a Monday night discussion to develop a co-operative series on the basic premise that will shape what may be called “The Boiler Effect”. Are you about to get caught in a mosh? [...]
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Fed Up Newsfeed Regulators

Fed Up Newsfeed Regulators The Ochelli Effect 12-14-2020 Hesher and Regular Joe Fed Up Newsfeed Regulators Hesher from Alternate Current Radio stepped in for Ted Edmonson on The Monday Ochelli Effect. Who is taking pictures with the KKK? Did Bill Barr just Resign? The Electoral College just met. Covid19 deaths don’t seem to be [...]
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Alternate Current Direct Content

Alternate Current Direct Content The Ochelli Effect 12-9-2020 Hesher Alternate Current Direct Content Wednesday is often the wild card on the show. AC/DC TOE ACR On this show, Chuck welcomed back Hesher from Alternate Current Radio. The two broadcasters started the discussion by hitting some Heavy Metal odds and ends. Is their a unique [...]
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Coronavirus Curses Collapses Coming

Coronavirus Curses Collapses Coming The Ochelli Effect 11-20-2020 Roundtable Coronavirus Curses Collapses Coming Vivid conversations prevailed during the Friday Night Open Mic. B Pete was the co-host and Chuck thinks he may link ACR better than TOE. Chuck, B Pete, and Mrs.O talked about language and variations in American culture regarding curse words. Did [...]
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Hesher Alternative Current Radio

Hesher Alternative Current Radio The Ochelli Effect 11-18-2020 Hesher Hesher Alternative Current Radio Hesher is a broadcaster that recently started talking to Chuck when the broadcasting issue recently put Ochelli on the sidelines. He is different from Chuck but less than what some people think. A similar vision of what could be accomplished by [...]
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