Introduction to Philosophy: Aristotle – Jay Dyer / Fr Dcn Dr Ananias

Tonight we will examine the introductory elements of Aristotle and consider how he was highly influential on the Eastern fathers, especially St. Maximos and St. John of Damascus.  Together with the Neoplatonists, we want to uncover the delicate balance of ferreting out pagan assumptions from truth. Fr Dcn. Dr. Ananias can be found here. Tonight at 5PM CST! 

Essence, Energy & Aristotle – Dr. David Bradshaw, Jay Dyer, Fr Dcn Ananias

The eminent Orthodox scholar and professor Dr. David Bradshaw, author of the well-known book Aristotle: East and West joins me and Lewis and Fr. Dcn Dr. Ananias to discuss all the hot topics – Aristotle and his different use in East and West, the Orthodox fathers and philosophy, the essence – energy distinction in Aristotle and beyond, the Logos and the Logoi, the western conception of simplicity in Aquinas and Roman Dogma, natural theology, and the critics.

Top 9 Ancient Cults & Heresies That Are BACK!

Long requested, I cover the topic of the best of the worst of the ancient heresies and how the same spirit behind them has manifested today under different names and guises. From Arianism to gnosticism to Origenism, we see how the realm of the demonic lacks any creativity. With evil, we get the same dialectical traps we always, have, as Hellenism and its atheism are rehashed in ways you don’t expect.


Apologetics Class 1: Icons Are Idols?? Simplicity, Origen & More – Jay Dyer

Since no one seemed hip to debate of late in discord, I will be doing a live chill and chat stream on responses to common and high brow objections. We will be replying to both common claims and attacks, questions and supposed contradictions and more. Superchats are definite read – while normal chat questions may or may not be read. Live at 430 PM EST