Health Systems

War Casualties: 10,000% Increase In Cancer Reports After mRNA Injections

Write them all off as war casualties. By any calculation, it is biological warfare because the perpetrators refuse to stop even in the face of massive evidence that their biological agent is killing and maiming innocent civilians. This dark period of world history will be recorded as the largest genocidal event ever. Who will stand for the innocents whose lives are cut short?

Cancer Explosion: Pathologist Reports On Rise Of Aggressive Cancers Since mRNA Shots

Doctors for Covid Ethics in Europe highlighted the professional observations of Dr. Ute Kruger, Chief of Pathology at Lunds University in Sweden: Cancer went haywire when the mRNA shots began. The health of the world population is being severely compromised by mRNA/DNA injections and yet they are not stopped, underscoring TN's claim that Technocracy is at war with humanity.

Mercola: Monkeypox Declared A Public Health Emergency

The details of skulduggery with Big Pharma, the corrupt World Health Organization and various secret research labs will be debated for a long time. The real concern should be that creating synthetic viruses in a lab is tantamount to creating the atomic bomb. When a deadly virus can be modeled on a computer screen and then turned into the actual pathogen, all that remains to ask is how soon will the military get ahold of it and how soon will they use it?

Poison The Earth: Monsanto’s Glyphosate Found In 80% Of US Urine Samples

Roundup exists because Monsanto pursued genetic modification of crop seeds able to survive the chemical while killing weeds. The world food supply, as well as farm land, has been saturated with glyphosate to the extent that traces of it are being found everywhere, including human tissue and urine. Technocrat scientists have no moral or ethical boundaries to prevent these kinds of outcomes.

Mercola: How Face Masks Make You Sick Instead Of Protecting You

America has been repeatedly warned about the dangers associated with the wearing of face masks. Medical professionals who should know better and politicians exercising their tyrannical tendencies continue to push mandates for entire populations. Aside from health risks, masks are an egregious violation of free speech and the First Amendment.

Bio-Security State: Big Pharma’s Complete Takeover OF FDA

It is inconceivable on any level that thorough testing would not be required for life-altering drugs such as experimental mRNA injections, but Big Pharma's influence over the FDA has accomplished just that, giving eugenicists full and autonomous control over human health and genome. Thus, humans are the last frontier to be conquered in the quest for total resource management, aka Technocracy.

Dr. Jane: Exemptions Should Not Apply To Vaccines

Technocrat-inspired propaganda flips word meanings to gaslight citizens. Exemptions are granted to avoid military service. Medical treatment, including vaccinations, require your permission. Thus, securing an "vaccine exemption" makes absolutely no sense, and authorities have no authority to demand that you produce one if you choose not to be injected.

Open Sesame: ‘Elmo Got The COVID Vaccine Today’

And then they came for the children... Sesame Street is not about entertainment or education, but rather brainwashing. If little Elmo bravely got the shot, it was for the "greater good" of protecting his family, friends and neighbors from getting sick. This lowers any resistance of families who may resist mRNA EUA injections for their children aged 6-months and up. 

Bank Data: Disability Rates Soar During mRNA Injection Rollout

Taking disability data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and overlaying it on the timeline of mRNA shot rollout, a striking pattern is revealed, namely, permanent disability rates soared. Attending doctors always claimed that there was no connection to getting the shot, that the disability/injury was just coincidental.