Qu’est donc la memoire?

Qu’est donc la mémoire Si ce n’est des couches de souvenirs innombrables Stratifications invisibles et furtives De l’empreinte magique du temps Souvenirs fragiles et éphémères Tels des chateaux de sable Sous l’assaut des vagues et du vent Qu’est donc la mémoire Si ce n’est l’impossibilité de trouver La paix dans l’oubli du silence Telle une […]

Forget Wars on Covid and Terror: War on Climate Collapse Is the Only War of Necessity for Human Survival

Mythology of humans’ natural impulse for empathy Warfare has been a plague haunting the human species ever since our evolution to become Homo Sapiens, finally, around 300,000 years ago in Africa. Etymologically, homo means human and sapiens means wise or knowledgeable. One can see that in this 18th century anthropocentric characterization of our species, the […]

Covid Fear Management Policies: Distractions from and Tests for Looming Climate Collapse

Strategy of reward and punishment In the newly coined so-called War on Covid, the arsenal is eclectic. There is not only science, in the form of experimental RNA vaccines hastily developed by giants of the pharmaceutical industry, but also semi-authoritarian or full-blown authoritarian government measures imposed and legally validated by declarations of states of emergencies. […]

France Neoliberal Macron: Vanguard of a Covid Global Corporate Dictatorship?

Liberte-Egalite-Fraternite: under Macron’s pass sanitaire guillotine? For the few of us who are students of history, and its aficionado travelers, meaning those who muse and wonder, at times, about how significant figures of the past would view our often dire predicament, it is rather obvious that, for example, the founding fathers of the French Revolution […]

Afghanistan War Outcome: Hope for Sovereign Nations Fighting the Scourge of Neocolonial Imperialism

Exits of Netanyahu & Trump: chance to dial down Mideast tensions The Iraqi geopolitical analyst, Ali Fahim, recently said in an interview with The Tehran Times: “The arrival of [newly elected Iranian President] Ebrahim Raisi at the helm of power gives a great moral impetus to the resistance axis.” Further, with new administrations in the […]

Afghanistan: Deadly Costs of a War for Profit Won by the Taliban

As the United States and NATO‘s war in Afghanistan struggles to end, most observers and commentators, at least in the West, are still either delusional enough or more likely paid enough, not to publicly recognize a basic evidence: the Taliban are in the process of winning the 20-year war, which is the United States’ longest […]

Capitol Riots: The Day of Infamy When Populism Became Fascism

Trumpism has defined, in the past four years, the quintessence of populism. On January 6, 2021, when a pro-Trump mob, instigated by their cult leader himself, stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC, a red line was crossed. The line where populism became fascism by, de facto, taking hostage the legislative branch of government. Many […]

The Three Farm Laws: Not Only a Fight of Farmers for Themselves but Also for India’s Food Security

India has been painfully experimenting with a market based approach since 1990. Gurcharan Das in his second book on the question of Artha (wealth), titled India Unbound: The Social and Economic Revolution from Independence to the Global Information Age, (2000) describes economic reform as a process of inducing “pain in a slow incremental manner” (p. […]