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Star Dust for Capitalism’s Money-Making Geoengineering!

You and I, dear reader, if you are of the composition of say Rosa Parks, or Rachel Carson, MLK, Paul Robeson, Angela Davis (or, fill in the social justice champion of your choice), did not sign up for this, or approve of it, or okayed it in our name: Some researchers who have long studied […]
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Biden Administration Seeks (Again) To Ban Gas Stoves

The "green" agenda is patently insane to try to ban natural gas from cooing and heating. Yet, it keeps coming back like a bad penny. This madness is anti-human and anti-civilizational, and yet people are still not rejecting these Technocrat ideologues who are convinced that their pseudo-science is correct and that we should "follow the science". Don't follow!

Dutch farmers battle technocratic forces driving them into oblivion

Dutch farmers are in open struggle against a cartel of multinational corporations, Davos-aligned parties and NGO’s seeking control over the global food supply. “They are sweeping the culture from the land,” a farmer laments. HEERENVEEN, NETHERLANDS –– The Netherlands is a patchwork of quaint towns and cities interwoven with flat expanses of immaculately-kept green agricultural pasture. The road and rail infrastructure are near-flawless. You could search for weeks without finding a pothole. It is one of the most expensive countries […]

Amidst Energy Crisis, Austria Seeks To Ban Oil And Coal Heaters In 2023

Austrian Sustainable Development alarmists are on a fools errand to freeze the country to death. Banning new installations of efficient oil or coal heating, they would complete ban it by 2030. When does the reality of cold, stiff bodies hit these people? Perhaps ignoring reality is actually an intentional part of the plan.