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WEF Global Risks Report 2022 Imagines All The Critical Threats To The World

Hiding behind the respectability of scholarship, wealth and position, the WEF offers a smorgasbord of propaganda and fear-producing possibilities: Vaccine inequality, social fractures. geopolitical tensions, environmental collapse, global warming disaster, cybersecurity failure, migration disorder, war in space.

Is this the end of progressive America?

BY JOEL KOTKIN | UNHERD | JANUARY 4, 2022 Over the past several decades, the progressive Left has successfully fulfilled Antonio Gramsci’s famed admonition of a “long march through the institutions”. In almost every Western country, its adherents now dominate the education system, media, cultural institutions, and financial behemoths. But what do they have to show for […]

Rickards: The Great Supply Chain Collapse

Technocracy must murder capitalism and free market economics in order to flip the world - and humanity - into a Great Reset. The collapse of the global supply chain should be seen as an atomic weapon that will upend and disrupt every economy on earth. This is the fragility caused by globalism's so-called "interdependence" of global economies started in the 1970s.