Dutch Farmers’ Surprising HUGE Victory!

by Neenah Payne, Activist Post: Why Was David Icke Banned From 26 European Nations? explains that legendary British author David Icke was to be the featured speaker at an event, a peace rally, called “Together for the Netherlands” on November 6, 2022. However, far-left activist groups demanded that the Dutch government bar from entering the country. His son […]

Philippines Supreme Court Blocks Commercial Release of GMOs over Ecological Disaster Fears

Philippines Supreme Court Blocks Commercial Release of GMOs over Ecological Disaster Fears by Sustainable Pulse April 28, 2023   Genetically modified Golden Rice and Bt eggplant will remain off the market in the Philippines after the country’s Supreme Court (SC) issued a writ in favor of farmers and scientists who sought to stop the government

GMO-using Fake Meat Company Impossible Foods’ EU Patent Revoked

by Claire Robinson, Global Research: The European Patent Office (EPO) has revoked an EU patent held by Impossible Foods, maker of the Impossible Burger. In the US, Impossible’s fake meat products are manufactured with GMO yeast-derived soy leghemoglobin, a controversial ingredient that makes the fake meat look as if it’s bleeding, like undercooked real meat, and that we have argued may […]

GMO MEAT? Bill Gates now spending tens of millions to genetically modify livestock

by Ethan Huff, Natural News: Through a program called UKAid, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is funneling millions into efforts to genetically modify (GMO) the world’s livestock, particularly in poorer countries since Gates has a fetish for trying to destroy the least among us. Gates claims his efforts are all about helping more animals survive so children in […]

“Invest” in the Future: GMOs, Round-Up Ready Babies!

Oh, the fun of these major Mafia Corporations, and the fun of the paid-off media, and the fun of the Polluted Press, and the fun of the Colonized Public, and the Fun of Billionaires like Gates who have invested billions into genetically modified germs and seeds and Round-Up Ready Death. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is […]
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THIS WILL NOT END WELL: Communist Chinese Scientists Explore Using MOSQUITOS to Distribute VACCINES, Could Create Dangerous MUTANT Insects Instead

by Cullen Linebarger, The Gateway Pundit: Designing a killer virus evidently was just a little test run for the Chicoms. Now they might unleash mankind’s most notorious insect to supposedly “vaccinate” wildlife and reduce viral infections. Hard to imagine any unintended consequences will occur. It’s not like mosquitos spread nasty infections like Yellow Fever, Malaria, West Nile, […]

India’s GM Mustard: An Increasingly Bitter Taste

Colin Todhunter In a fair world, Aruna Rodrigues would be heralded as an incredible individual for her ongoing struggle to protect the socio-economic and environmental integrity of India. So says respected environmentalist, author and campaigner Leo Saldanha. He adds: Since 2005, she has tirelessly pursued a public interest litigation before the Supreme Court of India, …