Two Fox hosts home in on the truth of the fraudulent, rigged election [Video]

In a companion piece, entitled “Trump election challenge will crush the mainstream media’s blackout”, we noted how the final attempt to set the 2020 election back on an honest footing is gathering force in Washington. We noted how at the time of writing, some 160 US Representatives and at least 12 US Senators appear to […]

Big Tech is trying to isolate us – Tucker Carlson snags Google [Video]

Tucker Carlson seems to be on track in the same manner as we are. On Tuesday evening, Tucker Carlson described how Google was employed by NBC News to try to cut off ZeroHedge and the Federalist sites. All that had to be done was to tell Google that these two sites are “far right” and add a “# Black Lives Matter” tag. And… to tell Google that these sites had “unmoderated comments sections.” Google then acted to try to restrict these sites, though the giant tech company itself has carte blanche to not be censored itself, thanks to a deal it secured from the US Congress.

Great Reset Happytalism & Dolphin Love (Half) – Jay Dyer

Today we cover a couple works I was able to get ahold of, namely John C. Lilly’s revealing autobiography and a futurist book with essays discussing UBI, technocracy, the new era of spirituality and more.  The past two weeks have shown us the world is fast moving into this new era. Streamlabs now replaces superchats here.  Live at 4PM EST 


An excellent way to distinguish between liberals and conservatives [Video]

Dr Steven Turley has emerged in the last couple years as one of the clearest voices in support of “the new nationalism” that appears to be taking shape in many nations all over the world. This rise of nationalism, populism and traditionalism is revealing the real divide between liberals and conservatives in America and around the world. Most significantly leading this charge is the Russian Federation, but many nations are coming on board: The United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy, the United States, Australia, and some signs of interest in antiglobalism in France.

2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, May Be Left out of DNC Debates Due to Polling Requirements

Gabbard has gained support for her anti-war message, but her membership in the Council on Foreign Relations reveals she is a collectivist and globalist. Every President in recent memory has been anti-war while on the campaign trail only to change 180 degrees after getting into the White House.

Italy’s PM resigns; nationalist Matteo Salvini edging closer to power [Video]

Nationalism appears to be on the rise in Europe, with Italy leading the way, even though globalists there do not want this. On Tuesday, August 20, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte tendered his resignation, blaming rising star Matteo Salvini, a nationalist and leader of the Lega Nord [League] Party for putting the political climate of Italy in a crisis. This clip shows the moment in which Mr. Conte gave his announcement.

The Western media’s latest hoax is white supremacy [Video]

Sometimes other sources do such a good job telling the truth that all one needs to do is just show what they said. This happened today with two reports. The first was from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who said a whole lot of truth about the increasingly venomous allegation that President Trump and those who support him and his policies are racists. In plain language he said that this allegation of racism is nothing but a hoax, just like RussiaGate was.