Tucker Carlson on divide between America’s ruling class and people (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson goes a long way towards connecting the disintegration of traditionally-valued American culture (Christian, family oriented, men the dominant wage-earners and providers, etc.) to the state it has become now. The video’s transcript is available here.
This video covers such important points that we will offer timestamps and topics listed:

What does “blatte” mean? Exploring Sweden’s ghetto culture

My artist name in English is “Angry Foreigner”. In Swedish it’s “En Arg Blatte Talar” which means An Angry Blatte Speaking. Blatte and foreigner don’t carry the same meaning, and when my channel became international I decided to go with something simple because a lot of people in Sweden didn’t understand the sarcasm/satire of my Swedish artist name. Allow me to explain.
“Blatte” for immigrant is what “nigga” is for black people. Chris Rock explained this perfectly.

Palestinians in Israel: Trapped in the Ghetto

Salah Sawaid remembers when this huddle of shacks was surrounded by open fields. Today, his views from the grassy uplands of the central Galilee are blocked on all sides by luxury apartments – a new neighbourhood of the ever-expanding city of Karmiel, here in northern Israel.
“We are being choked to death,” said Sawaid, Ramya’s village leader. “They are building on top of us as though we don’t exist. Are we invisible to them?”