Poland’s “Russian Influence Commission” Shows The Ruling Party’s Fear Of The Opposition

BY ANDREW KORYBKO | MAY 30, 2023 Polish President Andrzej Duda from the ruling “Law & Justice” (PiS) party just signed into a law a bill mandating the creation of a commission for investing alleged “Russian influence” in the country from 2007-2022 according to Reuters. Associated Press added that this newly formed body will have “powers to ban […]

‘Climate’ activists, thinly veiled agents of the state, have received broad license to disrupt and vandalise

The question to ask of every leftist protest, is not why nobody is stopping it, but whose interests it serves. eugyppius: a plague chronicle | May 29, 2023 It is hard not to laugh at the self-gluing climate lunatics of Letzte Generation. Their members often make incredibly naive public statements and beclown themselves with stupid public actions, their […]

Government report claims pandemic as a precedent for ‘environmental’ policy

Lockdowns show behavioural restrictions are possible with the right messaging, a political disease we have yet to learn the extent of eugyppius: a plague chronicle | May 22, 2023 The Advisory Council on the Environment is a body of experts convened by the Federal Republic of Germany to advise the state on matters of environmental […]

Spiegel, after running multiple stories blaming the Nord Stream attack on “Russian ships”, reverses course

Points the finger once again at Ukraine eugyppius: a plague chronicle | May 28, 2023 Der Spiegel, after running multiple stories peddling the canard that mysterious “Russian ships” were implicated in the Nord Stream attacks of 26 September 2022, has in a familiar pattern now totally reversed course and declared instead that there is increasing evidence pointing to Ukrainian […]

German Government Report Names Pandemic Lockdowns as Precedent for Climate Policy

The pandemic lockdowns showed what was possible for governments in responding to emergencies and these lessons should be applied to climate change, a German Government report has said.
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