The West Bank: to end the violence, Israel must end the occupation

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Yesterday, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) killed nine Palestinians in a deadly daylight attack on Jenin in the occupied West Bank. A tenth Palestinian was shot and killed by the IDF in al-Ram while protesting the attack on Jenin. The Palestinian health ministry identified three of those killed as housewife […]

Israel Commits Biggest Jenin Massacre Since Early 2000’s, Followed By Gaza Strikes – PA Ends Security Coordination

Israeli occupation murdered at least 9 Palestinians in an invasion of the Jenin refugee camp, inside the occupied West Bank, on Thursday morning, leading to large scale protests throughout the territory and an escalation in violent tensions. In reaction to this, the United Nations decided not to punish Israel, but to urge the Palestinian Authority Read More...

Israel’s New Military Chief Eyes War As Hamas Prisoner Video Overshadows His Swearing In

Israel has replaced its former chief of the military, Aviv Kochavi, with an unusual swearing in ceremony for the incoming Herzi Halevi, setting the stage for a wider conflict with Iran, Hezbollah and the Palestinian people. As this ceremony took place, Hamas released a shocking video of a prisoner of war that embarrassed the new Read More...

Hamas criticises ‘biased’, ‘contradictory’ EU resolution on two-state solution

MEMO | December 29, 2022 The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas issued a statement yesterday criticising the EU over Resolution no. 2949/2022 (RSP), on the prospects for a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. In a political memorandum, Hamas said the resolution “contained several inaccuracies and contradictions about the Palestinian issue”, noting that it “is heavily […]

“Violence will escalate as long as extremists are allied to Netanyahu”: interview with Tawfieq Toameh

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator   Jana Majdi Zakarneh, a 16-year-old girl, was killed by Israeli forces as she was standing on the roof of her home in Jenin, in the Occupied West Bank of Palestine.  She was shot in the head, and others were wounded in the 10 pm raid on Sunday.  More […]

Social media’s history of suppressing Palestine content

By Kathryn Shihadah | Israel-Palestine News | December 12, 2022 For years, social media have been making it difficult for Palestinian and their allies’ voices to be heard – even as Israel’s stranglehold on Palestinians has grown stronger, and as increasing amounts of US tax money have been sent to Israel and to various countries for Israel’s […]

“Ben-Gvir as head of Israeli security means an escalation in the West Bank,” says Dr. Mamoun Farhat from Ramallah

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator   According to MiddleEastMonitor, a leading Israeli newspaper said that Israel “is now closing in on a right-wing, religious and authoritarian revolution” aimed at destroying democracy.  The recent Israeli elections have brought Benyamin Netanyahu’s Likud party back to power, but with the ultra-right wing religious party led by Itamar […]

The West Bank in Palestine is ready to explode

Seven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator There is a battle brewing in the occupied West Bank of Palestine.  Thousands of Israeli occupation forces will be deployed to face a growing resistance force.  The ‘natives are restless’ and the Lions’ Den has mobilized to fight for their freedom and human rights. 500,000 illegal Jewish settlers now […]