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SKY News Pressures Waterstones & Amazon To Ban Anti-vaccine Books

By Richie Allen | March 5, 2021 SKY News is pressuring booksellers to stop selling books written by medical experts. In a segment running hourly today, SKY claims that Waterstones, Amazon and Foyles are selling books which contain anti-vaccine medical misinformation. The report references a book written by Dr. Vernon Coleman entitled; Anyone Who Tells You […]


By J.Hawk, Daniel Deiss, and Edwin Watson | South Front | March 6, 2021 Loose Tweets Sink Reputations While on the one hand Twitter flexed its muscles when it permanently de-platformed a sitting US president and deactivated tens of thousands of other accounts, with Facebook closely following suit against accounts the two social media giants […]

India threatens to jail Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter staff over refusal to wipe data that ‘undermines national security’

RT | March 6, 2021 Indian authorities have reportedly given an ultimatum to US social media platforms, threatening jail time for their local employees if the companies continue to ignore official takedown requests against “damaging” information. Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter have each received written notices warning their employees could face arrest should the requests be […]

Sweden Moves To Protect Academic Freedom After Professor Quits Covid Research Due To Harassment

By Jonathan Turley | March 2, 2021 We have been discussing erosion of free speech and academic freedom protections at colleges and universities around the United States. Most faculty have been conspicuously silent as their colleagues are attacked, suspended, or even fired for taking opposing views on systemic racism, police brutality, or movements like Black … … Continue reading →

House Republicans Propose Legislation to Allow Biden to Ban Sanctioned Foreign Leaders From Social Media

By Kirill Kurevlev – Sputnik – 03.03.2021 US House Republicans are introducing legislation that would broaden US sanctions law to ban social media platforms from letting foreign persons or organizations which were put under sanctions for terrorism from using their services, Fox News reported Tuesday citing a copy of the bill. The law bill is reportedly proposed by […]

YouTube Removes RT’s Video of Trump’s ‘Violative’ CPAC Speech – yet it’s ok when posted by Western outlets

By Nebojsa Malic | RT | March 2, 2021 Having a video of former US President Donald Trump’s speech at CPAC may get you warnings and a deletion from YouTube, but apparently only if you’re RT, as the platform seems to selectively apply its arbitrary and capricious rules. On Tuesday, RT and its German-language channel […]

Amazon Banned These 9 Academic Books Questioning Certain Aspects of the ‘Holocaust’. Why?

By Mark Becker – Russia Insider – March 8 2019 This doesn’t look like extremist hate speech to us. Judging from these blurbs and titles, it looks like pretty balanced and fair discussion of a very serious, and vehemently disputed, allegation. The first one in the list below even presents both sides of the argument in […]

Covid-19: Murder by Misinformation

By Janet Menage, GP retired | Wales, UK Dear Editor History is littered with examples of the atrocities which ensue when doctors abandon their traditional principles and judgement in favour of unquestioning subservience to government diktat – medical involvement in torture, human experimentation and psychiatric punishment of political dissidents being familiar examples. Abbasi takes as […]