Full Spectrum Dominance

Conspirators for the Constitution: When Anti-Government Speech Becomes Sedition

By John & Nisha Whitehead | The Rutherford Institute | May 30, 2023 Let’s be clear about one thing: seditious conspiracy isn’t a real crime to anyone but the U.S. government. To be convicted of seditious conspiracy, the charge levied against Stewart Rhodes who was sentenced to 18 years in prison for being the driving force behind the January 6 Capitol riots, […]

Sandu targets media freedom in Moldova with new censorship institution

By Ahmed Adel | May 30, 2023 President Maia Sandu announced during a press briefing that a new tax-payer-funded institution intended to supervise and limit press freedom in Moldova would be established. Amid the economic meltdown in the country, Sandu is trying to control the media narrative while also attacking Russia. “The best antidote against […]

Is this a War?

Resetting the relationship between The State and The Citizen LIES ARE UNBEKOMING | NOVEMBER 6, 2021 I’ve been wondering for quite some time about whether we are in a War and the resolution of my thoughts on the subject has recently improved. Oddly enough, I have some standing on the subject. I lived in Iraq […]

Former CBC reporter says outlet suppressed negative stories about COVID shots, lockdowns

By Anthony Murdoch | LifeSiteNews | May 25, 2023 OTTAWA, Ontario – A former journalist who worked for the state-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) shockingly revealed that reporters were stopped from being able to cover stories critical of COVID vaccines and lockdowns, and were instead encouraged to push government “propaganda.”  The shocking revelations were made […]

Missouri v. Biden, Part 1, by Tracy Beanz

Our lawyers were in court yesterday petitioning for an injunction to halt the activities of the government’s censorship-industrial complex while the case is tried. Human Flourishing | May 27, 2023 Tracy Beanz is a reporter with Uncover DC who has been carefully following our Missouri v. Biden case. She just published a detailed Twitter thread with updates […]

The Biden regime’s plan to tackle “antisemitism” is to make online platforms “accountable”

White House Tells Social Media Platforms To Take A “Zero-Tolerance” Stance Against “Hate Speech” By Cindy Harper | Reclaim The Net | May 26, 2023 The White House unveiled a strategy to fight antisemitism that involves telling Congress to push social media platforms to be held “accountable” for hate speech. The 60-page document details four pillars of […]