First Official Cases of Coronavirus and Deadly Flooding Mark Ramadan in Yemen

ADEN, YEMEN — In northern Yemen, the Saudi-led coalition has so far offered little reprieve to civilians during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Several regions — including Marib, al-Jawf, Beydha, and Sadaa, — have been under almost constant aerial bombardment and the continued violence is not the only thing making the lives of civilians in Yemen’s difficult this Ramadan

Genesis Explained 3: Nephilim, Noah & The City of God – Jay Dyer (Half)

We move on to cover the two cities allegory of St Augustine – the city of God and the city of man, as both progress from the early age of man. The city of God is the Church, and the city of man is the city of humanism and Satanism, under the dominion of the devil. We will move from Genesis 4 to 6 and touch upon the Nehphilim and the typology and meaning of the story of Noah. The full talks can be found by subscribing to JaysAnalysis at the membership links.


US Agriculture Needs a 21st-Century New Deal

by Maywa Montenegro, Annie Shattuck and Joshua Sbicca These are difficult times in farm country. Historic spring rains – 600% above average in some places – inundated fields and homes. The U.S. Department of Agriculture ...
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Hurricane Harvey Floods Texas Chemical Plant, Explosions Reported

The owner of a flooded-out chemical plant in Crosby said early Thursday it received reports of explosions at the plant.
Arkema Inc. said the Harris County Emergency Operations Center notified the company at 2 a.m. Thursday of explosions and black smoke coming from its Crosby plant, which was inundated by Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters.
But the Harris County sheriff Thursday morning described the incident as a chemical reaction, not an explosion.

Lake Oroville Dam Spillway Damage Results in Evacuation Orders to 188,000 People

21st Century Wire says…
The Oroville dam in Northern California has sustained sink hole damage in the main spillway and over 188,000 residents of the local area have been told to evacuate. Helicopters are dropping rocks into areas of erosion to try to prevent ground from eroding further downstream of the primary and the never before used secondary, passive spillways at the dam.

Couple Cooks Up a Feast for Louisiana Flood Victims

Although the recent flooding in Louisiana has tragically taken somewhat of backseat to the Olympics in national headlines, more light has been shone on this event when one couple took it upon themselves to serve up a huge barbecue for flood victims and those in need.
The flooding in the state has damaged over 40,000 homes and has taken at least 13 lives. But Christian and Amanda Dornhorst hoped to be a light in the lives of those living in a temporary homeless shelter by serving them up a feast. [1]

JaysAnalysis: Genesis & the Creation Mysteries with Tommy Hamilton (Half)

The first hour is free, while the full 2 hours can be obtained by subscribing to JaysAnalysis at the PayPal links for 4.95 a month or 60.00 per year. Writer Tommy Hamilton of Apologia Pro Ortho Doxa (kabane52.tumblr.com) and Ancient Faith Blog joins me to cover his recent articles on Genesis and Creation, and in particular, why he came to believe the Genesis account is historical, as well as symbolic.