Why America’s nuclear threat to Russia now is bigger than the Soviet nuclear threat to America was in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Eric Zuesse During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, the central issue was how short America’s available reaction-time to a Soviet blitz nuclear attack would be and whether it would be too short for America to respond before America’s leader, JFK, would be able to press the nuclear button and retaliate against such a Soviet nuclear […]

Turkey Once More Betrays the East

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shakes hands with NTO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg, during the NATO Conference in Madrid on 28 June 2022. A handshake of betrayal, as Turkey accepted Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO membership. One wonders what forces have influenced Erdogan to betray Russia in particular and the East in general, when accepting NATO membership […]
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No-Go Zone: NATO Expands, Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced, Global Pedo Network, Dead Relatives "Convos"

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Henrik cover the latest in episode 108 of No-Go Zone June 29, 2022.
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There’s nothing defensive about NATO. It’s 100% for U.S.-backed INVASIONS.

Eric Zuesse Commonly, NATO is presented as being a defensive alliance, but that is fundamentally a lie, which might as well have been written and paid-for by ‘defense’ (offense) contractors such as Lockheed Martin and BAE, whose profits have been soaring right now with all of the tens of billions of dollars of weapons that […]

U.S. & UK Announce Aim to Create New Anti-Russia Military Alliance

Eric Zuesse Because of their unexpected difficulties in getting Ukraine and Finland into their existing anti-Russia military alliance, NATO; both the U.S. and the UK Governments are now trying to create a new anti-Russian military alliance consisting of only themselves plus nations that border on Russia, so that U.S. & UK nuclear missiles can become […]

Turkey Spoils the Big NATO Party

Complacency has been the hallmark of NATO expansion.  Over time, it has even become a form of derision, notably directed against Russia.  As with many historical matters, records ignored can be records revisited, the second time around sometimes nastier than the first. With the Ukraine conflict raging, a few of Russia’s neighbours have reconsidered their […]
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