Nightmare Alley (2021) – Esoteric Analysis – Jay Dyer

Tonight I analyze the recent symbolic/allegorical film Nightmare Alley and how this remake of a 40s noir gives a fantastic account of the life of willful evil. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a really good film that hits on all levels and functions with a deeper, symbolic level of meaning.Live at 1o PM […]
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Frank Capra’s Defense of Humanity: Cinema as a Moral Institution

Matthew Ehret For those who find themselves with excess time this holiday season which they would prefer not to squander with idleness or Netflix binges, then I’d like to offer this serving of Frank Capra films to uplift the soul. Frank Capra (1897-1991) stands as one of the most brilliant directors/producers of the 20th Century, …

Squid Game EXPLAINED & Nightmare on Elm Street! Spooktober! Jay & Jamie

 Tonight we cover the much-requested Squid Game series from Netflix, its meaning and symbolism, the deeper components of economics and social order and elitism, as well as the propaganda elements, and my reaction and review to the first three Nightmare on Elm Streets, which I had never seen (except for part 1). This is […]

Jay Dyer on Occult Ideology, our MKUltra Culture, the Film Come True (2020) – PsyOp Cinema

We talk with Jay Dyer, with discussion topics including the many elements of our culture that stem from MKUltra, the occult ideology of apotheosis, who exactly we mean when we refer to “the elites,” and the dream-themed 2020 horror film Come True. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives […]

2001, 2010, Mad Max, Metropolis & More! Dystopia Now – Jay Dyer & Jamie (Half)

 We begin our analysis of the chronological treatment of the classic dystopian films.  The timeframe of the storylines begins with Clockwork Orange in 1980, with 1984 being next, followed by the Mad Max installments, Escape from New York, Metropolis in 2000, and then Kubrick’s 2001 and the overlooked 2010, which deals with a profound […]

“The Present” — A Painful Short Film Tells the Whole Story of What It Means to be Palestinian

In “The Present,” as throughout all of Palestine, soldiers, police officers, secret police, or Shabak agents, have the power -- indeed they are instructed -- to harass, humiliate, and take the lives of Palestinians in the most arbitrary fashion.
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UFO Alien Deception – Overview & Analysis – Jay Dyer

 We will be doing an overview of the “UFO/alien phenomenon to kick off Alien January here at JaysAnalysis. We will cover the history and questions of the nephilim and the watchers from a biblical perspective, the notion of inter dimensional beings, the concept of “space” aliens and “ETs” and “EBEs,” alien cults and intelligence […]
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