Serial Killers, The Occult & Mind Control – Pt. 1 Jay Dyer (Half)

 Is there more at work in many of the famous serial killer cases?  Could some of them be connected in new ways?  What about their military background and training?  What about Vietnam and the wartime period programs?  Could there be an esoteric and occult angle that links them to secret groups, assassins, and networks? […]

The Antibody Deception

Rosemary Frei, MSc The world has been fixated for months on novel-coronavirus PCR testing, contact tracing and vaccination. Meanwhile, another major part of the Covid biomedical complex has received far less attention: the use of antibodies for detecting, diagnosing and treating infection with the novel coronavirus. Hundreds of antibodies have been approved for these purposes …

How the US and Great Britain Instigate Coups Nowadays

Recently, the United States and Britain, actively using the propaganda tools that they possess, have increasingly begun to accuse Russia and China of interfering in their domestic affairs and election campaigns, and of effectively preparing coups in these countries. However, apart from making proclamatory statements, neither Washington nor London has presented any facts or documents […]