Top 10 CRAZY Cult Films You’ve Never Seen! Jay & Jamie

We’ve all seen the classic, popular films about cults like Eyes Wide Shut or Rosemary’s Baby, but there are several lesser known, forgotten or obscure films about cults that are worth perusing. We found 10 specimens that we have ranked from 10 to 1 with a breakdown and analysis of each. LIVE THURSDAY 8PM CST […]
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How Religious Institutions Are Subverted: State, Intelligence & Foundation Funding – Jay Dyer

Today we return to a crucial subject that is even more in focus given the last 3 years’ events, warfar3 in certain regions and the prevalence of institutional capture becoming more and more overt. Institutional capture refers to the covert and overt technique of infiltration, subversion and eventual coopting of existing institutions by rival or […]

AUKUS Alliance Members to Strengthen Presence in the Pacific

China, which continues to step up its military and economic power year after year, is becoming increasingly concerning and alarming for the United States and its allies, who are aware that Beijing may soon surpass Washington in terms of the volume of its geopolitical influence. Western leaders are taking a variety of steps to limit […]