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Extraordinary PDF Captures Reality of Past 12 Months – Download Here!

Ireland-centric but applies universally – an extraordinary document which details the realites around the dabacle we have been living through Plenty of data and references – check yourself before sharing but there’s no crazy stuff in here (drafted by a biotech professional apparently) DOWNLOAD LINK:  Wake Up Ireland, Wake Up World  

Ep114: Cholesterol Conundrums Revisited – with Dr. Jonny Bowden PhD

Caught up with Jonny a while back and talked all things cholesterol – we didn’t hold back on the nonsense of it all!  Jonny’s new book, bang up to date:  https://www.amazon.com/Cholesterol-Recipes-Preventing-Reversing-Disease… As mentioned at the start of the pod, there’s a seriously sinister censorship drive afoot – so please do sign up to my Odysee … Ep114: Cholesterol Conundrums Revisited

Ep110 The Origin of the Species – and of our Viral Issue!

Pure gold is all I can say for Episode 110 – that’s what this conversation is! The New York Times, WSJ and all of the media have mused about the origins of this virus – well here we explain the actual science and data, and what IT actually tells us 🙂 Jump straight into the … Ep110 The Origin of the Species – and of our Viral Issue! Read More »