Farmers Agitation

Crystallisation of Democratic Forces on Every Front Ignites Flame of Resistance to Confront Neo-fascism in Punjab

On every front or sphere Punjab continues to simmer spark of resistance or crystallisation of democratic forces at a boiling point .This gives the fulcrum to the historic farmer’s resistance on the Delhi border, providing the very fuel. Countless rallies and programmes are staged confronting the neo-fascist economic policies of Narendra Modi  led Bharatiya Janata Party and the corporates it[Read More...]

Farmer’s Movement At A Crucial Juncture

Written by Rahul Singh Rana and Sandeep Pandey The Farmers’ protests are into their fourth month now. These protests started with people from Punjab and Haryana breaking barricades and heading towards the Indian capital. As expected, these protesting farmers were met with force at several places. Undeterred by the challenging circumstances, the farmers were able to reach at the borders[Read More...]

Can Farmland for the Landless Become A Reality On A Large Scale

More than half of rural households in India are landless, or almost so. This deprives them of the most obvious asset needed for sustainable livelihoods and food security in villages–farmland. After  agriculture the next most important source of rural livelihood in India is dairy farming but here too the household with farmland has free access to crop residues which is[Read More...]

A Compliment to Bharat Dogra

Sir, Your article “Why Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath Remains the Most Memorable Saga of  Displaced Farmers and  Migrating Workers” that appeared in Countecurrents on April 8, 2021, presented us a scope to visualise the current distress of the farming communities, the peasants, workers, who are getting dispossessed, dislodged, against the backdrop of the novel John Steinbeck wrote. ‘The Grapes of[Read More...]

Pathways for Progress of Farmers’ Movement

The important phase of the farmers’ movement in India starting with the dharna (sit-in) at Delhi borders in the last week of November has crossed over 130 days at the time of writing. There is as yet no immediate indication  of a negotiated settlement, or of the movement withdrawing. So this is proving to be quite a prolonged movement which[Read More...]

Support the Struggle of the Farmers: It Is Our Struggle Too – Part 2

The youth must support the farmers’ movement! The fight against the farm bills is also a struggle to save several crore jobs!! The farmers agitation completed one month on December 26, 2020. Despite the biting cold, the resolve of the farmers shows no signs of weakening; on the contrary, their movement continues to strengthen as the days go by. More[Read More...]

Farmers’ Movement—We Should Avoid Missing the Wood For the Trees

The ongoing farmers’ movement is  one of the most widely discussed social movements of recent times. Despite this there is an uneasy feeling that in the middle of all the reporting, comment and discussion, we may still be missing the wood for the trees or giving less attention to some of the more basic issues. After all, we cannot forget[Read More...]

Walmart, Amazon and the Colonial Deindustrialisation of India

In June 2018, the Joint Action Committee against Foreign Retail and E-commerce (JACAFRE) issued a statement on Walmart’s acquisition of Flipkart. It argued that it undermines India’s economic and digital sovereignty and the livelihood of millions in India. The deal would lead to Walmart and Amazon dominating India’s e-retail sector. These two US companies would also own India’s key consumer[Read More...]

Report of third Kirti Panchayat by Karntikari Pendu Mazdoor Union on March 17th

In Punjab today 7 lakh Dalit families are still landless and 1,50000 belong to the poor peasantry.Lakhs of acres of land is lying vacant and unavailable. If all land was distributed every Dalit family could possess at least 4 and a half acres of land. In recent years the Krantikari Pendu Mazdoor Union has done some of the most commendable[Read More...]

India’s right-wing government is so hungry for profit it will risk a famine

India’s right-wing government has been deploying all the modern tools of repression against a historic farmers’ protest. Much is at stake. For the people of India, their agricultural system is about to get far more precarious. For its farmers, ruin, and bankruptcy for millions, is all but guaranteed. For the government of Narendra Modi and his elite backers, it’s a[Read More...]