Farmers Agitation

Farmer’s Movement: Looking At The Larger Picture

On 15 January, the Sanyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) met at Delhi’s Singhu border, to review the progress made by the government on its promises made at the time of the repealing of the three agri laws. Following Parliamentary and written assurances, the farmers had suspended their movement and lifted their occupation of the Delhi borders. At the review meeting, it[Read More...]

Farmer’s Agitation: All Eyes On 15 January

Barely a few days are left to go now and all eyes, certainly of the farmers and their supporters, are on 15 January – the day Sunyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) is to reassemble in Delhi.  There, SKM will seek to evaluate the progress made on the promises made by the government following the repeal of the three agri-laws in November[Read More...]

On Punjab elections and farmers participation

With all the constraints of time, I do wish to share my views with a large number of friends and likeminded people on an issue, which is very crucial in the coming days and times. This issue concerns farmers participation in coming Punjab Assembly elections, may be in other states -UP and Uttarakhand too, but primarily in the context of[Read More...]

Farmers Heroically Thwart Modi’s Rally in Ferozepur

The farmers spirit elevated and reverberated at a boiling point in Ferozepur like a spark turning into a prairie fire, in protest staged a few days ago by the farmers groups of Punjab .It was one of the most comprehensive acts of rebellion and striking blows to neo-fascism. Prime Minister Narinder Modi was virtually compelled to retreat towards Delhi due[Read More...]

Dalit agricultural labour wage qualitative protests for rights in Punjab

  A qualitative protest of around 500 workers was staged at Rampura Phul today in front of the office of the State district magistrate. The agricultural workers vociferously raised slogan condemning the government betraying their promises. In the last few months through united activity they have waged a sustained struggle for their demands. The farm labourers left their work to[Read More...]

Repeal of farmer laws: A win to celebrate the power of peoples’ voices

The recent repeal of the farm laws by the central government sets an example which re-assures the power in people’s voices entrusted in democratic values, processes and practices. It is a win to celebrate and remember that such authoritarian governance and policies can be overthrown with people’s solidarity, vision, perseverance, and resilience. In India, the farmers and their families protested[Read More...]

Dalit agricultural Labourer Organisations launch historic First-ever Independent Rail Roko

History of all sorts was created in Punjab on December 12th when the dalit agricultural labourer’s organisations for the first time conducted a rail blockade independently, without support of organisations of the landed peasantry. In total around 20000 labourers participated in 12 districts. Without doubt an event that embarrassed the ruling parties in their very belly. . Displaying death defying[Read More...]

Returning Home — Taking Respite and Preparation for More and Bigger Struggles!

A message from Workers Peasants Unity 11.12.2021 (a rough translation of the Page 1 article of Ei Muhurte Kichhu Bhavna Dec21-Jan22) 381 days. More than 725 martyrs. So, what did we see in the year-long battle? “Modi-Shah-BJP-RSS are unbeatable. Whatever they say are final. Modi ne kiya hain toh kuch soch samajh ke hi kiya hoga (Modi has done it,[Read More...]

Farmers agitation: Democratic politics has trumped populism

In the past one year, farmers of the country have demonstrated the force of popular determination against an arrogant and defiant government. The farmers’ movement has proved that the revolutionary spirit of the ‘peasant’ had not diminished with the arrival of new networks of capital. It has established that ‘peasant consciousness’ in the country remains intellectually sharp, socially sensitive and[Read More...]

Even after Samyukta Kisan Morcha ending stir BKU(Ugrahan )Leaders pledge to sustain tempo of famers Struggle 

The farmer’s organisations of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha have decided to vacate from the Tikri border and temporarily withdraw the agitation. After a letter from the ruling party it undertook this step. All the leaders of the major farmer’s organisations left no stone unturned, in thanking all the families and persons who volunteered, including those of ruling class parties. The[Read More...]