The Tree of Life: Its Meaning & Symbolism – Jay Dyer

Today we do something new: a mini-doc style video covering the basic symbolism of the Tree of Life and its relationship to world religions and the world tree. Is the universe structured like a tree? Why is the tree a universally sacred object? From mythology to biblical theology to the end of the world and […]
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Top 10 Books Where The Elite Tell EVERYTHING!

Learn the plan of the global elite via their own writings: In this video I pick the top 10 books I read out of the dozens of books and white papers of the elite that tell us everything. Learning about how the world really works is really crucial to setting yourself up as a successful […]
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Squid Game EXPLAINED & Nightmare on Elm Street! Spooktober! Jay & Jamie

 Tonight we cover the much-requested Squid Game series from Netflix, its meaning and symbolism, the deeper components of economics and social order and elitism, as well as the propaganda elements, and my reaction and review to the first three Nightmare on Elm Streets, which I had never seen (except for part 1). This is […]

No Time to Die: The Meaning and Death of James Bond (Half)

 Wed night we will cover to the meaning and symbolism of 007: the propaganda, the evolution of the series, the intelligence background with Fleming and others, the symbolism and esoteric elements, including films we have yet to cover like On Her Majesty’s Secret Service with Lazenby, and more. The second half will be live […]
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V for Vendetta, 12 Monkeys, I Robot, Ready Player One & More – Dystopia NOW Ep. 3 (Half)

 We will cover the next chronological films in our dystopia series, including Demolition Man in 2032, V for Vendetta, 12 Monkeys, I Robot, Ready Player One, Event Horizon, Fahrenheit 45. My favorites here are now Demolition Man and 12 Monkeys, while the rest of these I find severely lacking. Nevertheless, we will have fun […]

The Night House (2021) EXPLAINED! The Plot IS the Maze – Jay Dyer

The Night House is an excellent psychological/supernatural thriller recently released that hearkens to Twin Peaks and/or Hereditary. The plot leads us down many corridors and maze-like traps like the imagery in the film. The plot itself is a maze, and was executed perfectly, as well as striking, ethereal cinematography.   Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase […]

Secrets of the Renaissance: The Russian Connection & Symbolic Analysis – Fr Vladimir Kaydanov

 Fr. Vladimir Kaydanov joins me to cover the little known history that connects Byzantium, the Renaissance and Russia in a fascinating providential tale that needs to be told. Fr Vladimir’s focus is geometric analysis of Renaissance works, as well as the historical connection to fascinating planned cities like St. Petersburg, Russia. Fr Vladimir weaves […]

Afghanistan, Bln Laden & the CIA – Hollywood Connection: Jay Dyer on Slow News Day

Slow News Day invited me on to cover the recent news regarding Afghanistan and the Taliban. As we have covered for years, this was always a tool for the Pax Americana and the drug trade.  The full video is available on their Rokfin.  We get into forgotten news that demonstrates the FFO elements of the […]

MK ULTRA, Tavistock & Psychological Warfare – Jay Dyer / Courtenay Turner Part 2

 In this episode, Jay Dyer returns to The Courtenay Turner Podcast, for a discussion on the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. Though little known by the masses it has been referred to by some as the mother of all think tanks for its tremendous influence, shaping the opinions of the masses, through the excogitation […]