Mysteries of Isaiah Explained – Part 1 – Jay Dyer (Half)

The book of Isaiah is often called the 5th Gospel, and for good reason: Isaiah reveals more about the coming Messiah than any of the other major prophets, including details on His arrival, signs of His appearance, His birth, deity, death, the general resurrection, the conversion of the gentile nations to worship the true God, and much more! The second half is available for paid subscribers to JaysAnalysis.com.

Abraham & Genesis Explained 4 – Jay Dyer (Half)

In our Bible series we move to the next installment – the Abrahamic covenant.  We will see how is the model of the covenant for the inclusion of Gentiles, according to St Paul, as Abraham himself was a Gentile.  Abraham is the famous convert, and for St. Paul is the model of the convert as see he looked forward to the coming Messiah.  The full talks are available for those who subscribe to JaysAnalysis.com. Live at 5 PM CST


Genesis Explained 1- Bible Series – Jay Dyer (Half)

Today we start a new series where we will take on a monumental task of covering the entire Bible. We will lecture on all the other topics we have been as well, this is just a new series projected to take the next few years, Lord willing. We will cover every chapter in the Orthodox Bible, aside from the few we have already done. Hopefully we can see that clearly this book is from God and not like any other religious text. 


Bible Contradiction? Old Testament Vs New Testament? Marcionism? Jay Dyer – LIVE NOW

One of the creeping heresies of our day is the issue of Marcionism, which tends to be either overlooked or subtly promoted across theological lines, from Protestants to Catholics to so-called “Orthodox.” The heresiarch Marcion is the father of pitting Paul and his supposed gnostic writings against the “mean God” of the Law and Prophets. This talk will also be relevant to the countless gnostics and Neo-pagans who constantly challenge my work. I’ll also be taking superhchat Q n A about objections and apparent contradictions.


Symbolism & Mystical Typology of Exodus Pt. 2 – Jay Dyer (Half)

Picking back up in Exodus, we investigate the typology and symbolism of Exodus, which points directly to the coming of the Messiah in the figure of Christ. Dreaded by all liberals and modernists, the Torah is absolutely the inspired and inerrant the Law and Word of God.
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A Biblical Philosophy of History & Daniel Predicting Christmas – Jay Dyer (Half)

Many requested a companion talk to the Daniel article. Here, we investigate how we have a unique philosophy of history and how evangelicalism is incorrect. Many prophetic texts are already fulfilled and specifically referred to the time of the First Advent of Christ and the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. In the second hour we discuss the specifics of Daniel and how he predicts Christmas!
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