Climate Change and the Failure of Western Russophobic Policies

As atmospheric concentrations of CO2 and methane continue to rise, last year was one of the seven warmest on record, according to the European Copernicus Climate Change Service. Carbon dioxide emissions from wildfires worldwide were 1,850 megatons, compared to 1,750 megatons in 2020. Scientists said the average annual temperature in 2021 was 0.3 degrees Celsius […]

Europe Faces a Moment of Truth Over Russia’s Demands on the United States Presence in Europe

The German government has recently refused overflight rights to the Royal Air Force who were sending planes to Ukraine loaded with weapons. The French government also refused overflight rights, which meant that the British planes had to make a long detour to eventually reach their destination. A further development of note in this context was […]

Skepticism Alert: Washington and NYT Expose Russian False Flag

On 14 January, a breaking news story from the New York Times informed its readers: “U.S. Says Russia Sent Saboteurs Into Ukraine to Create Pretext for Invasion.” Unsurprisingly, Washington “did not release details of the evidence it had collected.” Why did the NYT not question the withholding of evidence? Why even deign to report what […]

Nuclear Power Causing Disagreements in the EU

Amid the world’s forced turn toward nuclear power and energy crisis, Europe had given serious thought to nuclear power’s future on the continent. Currently, 31 countries operate nuclear power plants. The peak in nuclear power generation was recorded in 2006 (2,660 TWh), but overall, the share of nuclear power in global electrical power generation decreased from […]