The Matrix Trilogy – The Gnostic Ideas Hidden In The Movie

The Matrix movies presented a world overrun by a powerful A.I. with the only escape, to take the red pill and awaken into a harsh post-apocalyptic reality. Jay Dyer and Jay Weidner explore an analogy for the world we live in today as many people sleepwalk their way through life with only a few awakening […]
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A New Order: A Globalized Encyclical Following Pachamama – Part 1- Jay Dyer / Snek

Snek joins me to cover the sobering facts concerning the new papal encyclical, Fratelli Tutti of Pope Francis which sent shockwaves throughout the Roman Catholic world.  Was it somehow salvageable or was it the next logical stage after Vatican 2 and pacha mama?  Snek and I will deconstruct the work as well as the utterly […]

Hereditary, Lost Boys, Halloween 3, Velvet Buzzsaw & Starry Eyes – Jay / Jamie – Live Tonight

 Spooktober continues with a roster of darkness and fun.  As is the Spooktober tradition, we analyze Lost Boys AGAIN, as well as finally covering Hereditary as long requested, as well as a John Carpenter classic without Michael Myers – Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, with a couple worthy additions thrown in – donnie […]

The Role of the Church Fathers: Replying to Bishop Barron – Jay Dyer / Snek

 Snek joins me to cover a key point in regard to contrasting the Second Vatican Council’s attempt to integrate the “eastern” and “patristic” insights and attitudes so the “church” can “breathe with both lungs.”  Of course, the Orthodox Church never lost the patristic mind and never had a need to “return” to a period […]
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How The Globalists Subverted The Roman Catholic Church – Jay on lnf0warz

I host the 4th hour of the h@lexxx J0n3s show again to cover the techniques and plans of how the ecumenist movement was funded and turned to the strategy of the global elites. I cover the history of religious subversion, the Rockefeller’s usage of the ecumenist movement to promote the social gospel and how this led to the current state of affairs with globalization and Vatican II.


Miley Cyrus: Ex-Vegan – What the Shroomer Told Me

Come shoot the giggles. I got the video thing to work. I may pull up crazy things. Testing out the new video playing feature during live streams, I survey some of the best vegan videos, from Mark Passio to Dr. Greger to Miley Cyrus and a few more classic impressions, including what the mushroom told Terence McKenna. This video got 3 copyright dings for the music played so I removed the video and added it to my Bit.

Disney, Beyonce & UFOs?? Jay Dyer, Jamie Hanshaw & Isaac

Isaac joins us again to cover another one of the pop stars endued with mega level symbolic power.  Raised to goddess status, no one in the modern pop landscape can compare to Beyonce, outside a couple mega stars like gaga and Katy Perry.  Beyonce’s star power is enough to grant her her own church cult, and in this talk we will analyze her, Disney, and the forgotten Disney documentary on UFOs.  Is there a connection? Isaac’s new book will offer some answers.


TENET (2020) Film EXPLAINED – Jay Dyer

The movie is palindrome. It’s also Back to the Memento Inception Future Part 2. In this analysis I cover the secret meaning and subtle twilight language Nolan couched within, relating to oligarchs, the new Cold War, alternate dimensions and other hot sci fi ingredients. I give this movie 2.5 Flava Flav clocks out of 5. This movie lacks the 1.21 gigawatt needed for a time travel conundrum.