Decent December: Wholesome Hollywood – Good Movies & Symbolic Quests

  Since we have covered many dark and devilish films, we decided to cover wholesome and positive films for December, as we complied a list of themes that include comedies, love, redemption, loss, healing and more. Some are Christian, while others are merely wholesome and others more serious, yet with a good overall conclusion.Live at […]

And you thought “Road Warrior” was dystopian. How about Australia now? [Video]

Remember this classic scene? Or this spinoff scene (complete with good music)? It would be really great if such dystopian scenes were strictly the province of movies and books, but it isn’t. In fact, in Australia we are actually seeing a real dystopian scenario of utter COVID-19 hysteria. The Great Southern Land is now one […]

Hollywood Literacy John Barbour

Hollywood Literacy John Barbour The Donald Jeffries Show 7-7-2021 John Barbour The Donald Jeffries Show Presented by OCHELLI.COM Hollywood Literacy John Barbour Donald Jeffries talks with legendary stand-up comic, talk show host, writer, producer, and JFK assassination researcher John Barbour. John recounts his time as Frank Sinatra’s personal writer, as creator and co-host of [...]
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Snyder Cut Uncut Recut

Snyder Cut Uncut Recut Popcorn Politics 3-23-2021 Eric Cunningham Snyder Cut Uncut Recut On this special episode of Popcorn Politics, Eric Cunningham and I break down the highly anticipated, Zack Snyder cut of Justice League. This tortured production which featured 2 very different directors in Zack Snyder and Joss Wheadon ended up producing 2 [...]
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Ultron Impeachment Trump Spader

Ultron Impeachment Trump Spader Popcorn Politics 2-16-2021 Ted Edmonson and Eric Cunnigham Ultron Impeachment Trump Spader In today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Ted Edmonson and I discussed the Republican civil war and what went wrong in Trump’s impeachment among other things. On February 16th, Donald Trump released a letter threatening to primary Mitch McConnell [...]
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