Pandemic 2: Moneypox, Low T Makes Men Liberal, Energy & Economy Down The Toilet - FF Ep169

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Henrik and Lana cover the latest news in episode 169 of Flashback Friday, May 20, 2022.
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EV Chaos: 25% Of San Francisco’s EV Charging Stations Don’t Work

The EV industry is going to hit a brick wall as energy prices soar amidst shortages of energy and disrepair of charging stations. EV charging stations are headed toward the fate of many windmill farms, where as many as 75 percent of the giant towers are stationary. Remember that Technocrat Elon Musk is largely responsible for inventing the EV industry with Tesla.

Dept. Of Energy Is Spending $2.5 Billion On Carbon Capture

The biggest lie of the millenium is that carbon is bad and it should be removed from the atmosphere. CO2 is essential to life, and especially to plant growth. Without CO2, photosynthesis cannot take place. Technocrats are attempting to curtail food production and reduce population at the same time... using taxpayer funds to finance it.