Introduction to Philosophy: Aristotle – Jay Dyer / Fr Dcn Dr Ananias

Tonight we will examine the introductory elements of Aristotle and consider how he was highly influential on the Eastern fathers, especially St. Maximos and St. John of Damascus.  Together with the Neoplatonists, we want to uncover the delicate balance of ferreting out pagan assumptions from truth. Fr Dcn. Dr. Ananias can be found here. Tonight at 5PM CST! 

Proof of God’s Existence & Logos – Jay Dyer with Rational Rise

#logos #philosophy #atheism James Higgins asked me on to discuss the transcendental argument and my previous debates. We assess the Matt Dillahunty debate, the Stefan debate and more, as well as discussing logic, metalogical claims and the notion of energies and the Trinity, as well as my analyses of Hollywood films.


From Catholic to Orthodox – Eastern Catholics Are the Death Blow to Papism – Jay Dyer

A discussion on Uniates and Eastern Catholicism from a former Uniate, Alexander, who moved to Orthodoxy. Our guests recounts his journey in the world of Uniatism, its philosophical and theological incoherence, the many competing claims and rejections of *ecumencial councils* and incoherence of accepting Orthodox saints! Eastern catholicism didn’t begin this nonsense after Vatican 2, either.


Eternal Logos, Apophaticism & Simplicity – Jay Dyer/Eternal Logos/Snek

Church of the Eternal Logos joins me and Snek to discuss his journey to Orthodoxy.  We will cover the theological and ideological side of his journey and how he went from an interest in the esoteric and alchemy and perennialism to the biblical revelation of the Logos.  We will also cover apophatic theology, dialectics, logoi and St. Maximos, and much more! LIVE AT 530 PM CST 

Top 10 Reasons I’m Not Roman Catholic – Jay Dyer

In this video we continue the series from yesterday’s video on why I am not Protestant. Here I cover ten top reasons I am not Roman Catholic. I focus on Vatican I, the papacy, doctrinal development, Uniates, Filioque, absolute divine simplicity, the Vatican Bank and many, many more glaring innovations of the last millennium that are central features of papalism. Papalism ends up in sola Papam – the entire religion ends up revealing around the pope and papal apologists are all papal lawyers.


Anselm’s Ontological Argument & John Duns Scotus – Dyer / Fr Sorem (Half)

Fr Dcn Dr Ananias Sorem joins me to discuss two important Roman Catholic figures: Anselm of Canterbury and John Duns Scotus.  We will cover the insights here and there, but mainly focus on the weaknesses in these theologians and how they do not actually provide any bridge between “Palamism” and latin theology.  The second half of this talk is available for subscribers. Live at 530 PM CST