Jancovici – Polony : Pourquoi les médias ne comprennent-ils rien aux questions d’énergie ?

Source : Jean-Marc Jancovici – YouTube  Banalités sur les énergies renouvelables, poncifs sur le nucléaire… L’écologie, un sujet trop sérieux pour les journalistes et les politiques ? Rencontre avec Jean-Marc Jancovici, ingénieur spécialiste de l’énergie et du climat. Nous vous proposons cet article afin d'élargir votre champ de réflexion. Cela ne signifie pas forcément […]

Christianity Compared: First Vs. Second Millennium – Jay Dyer / Snek

 Today Snek and I cover the development of Roman / latin theology in the second millennium of the West and how it compares to that of Byzantium and the east, as well as the First Millennium.  We will look at the papal evolution and revolution, the notion of the Church as juridical and mystical […]
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Orthodox Trinitarian Apologetics with Jay Dyer

 “In this stream I am joined by Jay Dyer to discuss the theology behind the necessity and validity of the God being Three persons with One essence. Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think.” COTEL and I will discuss the Monarchy/Arche of the Father, the Ordo Theologiae, the […]
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Protestantism Vs Roman Catholicism: 2 Sides of the Same Coin – Jay Dyer

 Today I will be doing another deep dive into the dialectical dilapidation known as Protestantism and its Mother, the Latin Papal Church.  I will compare both historically, looking at the ancient canons, the Tradition of the Church, the imbalance between the one and the many, the hyper-centralized Vs. atomized structures of both, the bad […]

Refuting Erick Ybarra & Matt Fradd | Yes you should become Eastern Orthodox

 Tonight at 7Pm CST! Ubi Petrus will host a stream with Snek, DavidtherealMedWhite and Seraphim Spillman to respond to the stream hosted by Matt Fradd and Ybarra entitled “Should we become Eastern Orthodox?” Matt Fradd is a Catholic radio show host and frequently has Catholic apologists on to exposit their position. Strangely, he seems […]

Image & Likeness of God: Vladimir Lossky (Half) – Jay Dyer

Today we cover Lossky’s book Image and Likeness and see the Orthodoxy theology of man and the outworking of the Orthodox doctrine of anthropology.  In contrast to the West, the anthropology flows directly from the Triadology and Christology: this means our anthropology is specifically a revealed anthropology, and not a doctrine of philosophical speculation, although […]

The New Babel VS. The Church: Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy – Fr Peter Heers

Live at 430 CST! Fr Heers returns to cover a wide array of topics, including his recent course covering Fr Seraphim Rose’s Orthodox Survival Course, false ecumenism and the spirit of our age (Tower of Babel), ecclesial Nestorianism, the holy fathers, heresy and healing, today’s caesaropapism, “Neo-Palamism” and the energies, the confrontation with Rome and […]

True & False Mysticism: St Gregory Palamas & the Energies – Fr Moody / Jay Dyer

 Fr Chris Moody returns after too long a hiatus to discuss the theology of St Gregory Palmas in more depth.  We will cover the uncreated energies and grace, the notion of a true mysticism as found in hesychia, the new translation and forthcoming publication of Apodiectic Treatise on the Holy Spirit by St Gregory, […]

Art is Prophetic: Theopoetica – Jay Dyer / MichaeI Witc0ff

 MichaeI Witcoff rejoins me to discuss how new book covering Orthodox poetics. The book is called Theopoetica and features poems and commentary recalling St. Ephrem the Syrian. We will also touch on aesthetics and art in general.  His book is here. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos […]

The Role of the Church Fathers: Replying to Bishop Barron – Jay Dyer / Snek

 Snek joins me to cover a key point in regard to contrasting the Second Vatican Council’s attempt to integrate the “eastern” and “patristic” insights and attitudes so the “church” can “breathe with both lungs.”  Of course, the Orthodox Church never lost the patristic mind and never had a need to “return” to a period […]
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