The Rice Experiment Shows that Intentions and Words Have Power

The rice exposed to affectionate human intentions became only slightly discolored with age, while the jar of rice treated with threatening intentions became filled with mold, condensation, and rot. Rice that was completely ignored responded with modest condensation and small spots of mold. Unless there is fraud in this experiment, it indicates that emotions and intent can have a much stronger impact on living things, including us and those around us, than ever imagined possible. [...]

Scientists are Growing Brains in the Lab, Like 100’s of Brains

British researcher Madeleine Lancaster is growing human brains in her Cambridge University lab. A few hundred of them, in fact. That’s about 2 million neurons. [1]
No, this isn’t a Halloween gag. This sci-fi experiment is intended to help scientists understand disorders like autism and schizophrenia.
It’s not just Lancaster who is invested in growing human brains outside of the body. It’s a project being undertaken by scientists around the world.

This is Absolutely Key to Being Immune to Stress

As you grow older, having a positive attitude about aging may make you more resilient to stress, a new study suggests.
One of the study’s coauthors, Jennifer Bellingtier, of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, said:

“Previous research has generally found the same thing, a more positive attitude is beneficial. People with positive attitudes are less likely to be hospitalized and tend to live longer.” [1]

Yoga for Weight Loss: Let Go of Anger!

Yoga for Weight Loss: Let Go of Anger! Anxiety & Stress Relief, Beginners Home Workout
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