West Virginia: New Charter Schools Slated to Degrade Education

Five new privately-operated charter schools are expected to open in West Virginia in the coming weeks. Three will be brick-and-mortar charter schools and two will be statewide virtual charter schools. More privately-operated charter schools will be permitted to open after July 2023. As in other states and territories, privately-operated charter schools in West Virginia will […]

Chegg, Cheating and Australian Universities

The note on Radio National’s Background Briefing on the morning of July 31 was sombre.  A student, who did not divulge his real name (he is professionally pseudonymised as Ramesh), talks about services that aid him in his study. Aid is less accurate than do – given that he is working gruelling night shifts in […]
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Florida: Poor Charter School Performance Persists

Charter school promoters and operators have long believed that scores on unsound high-stakes standardized tests produced by large for-profit corporations are useful and meaningful measures of teaching and learning. They rarely say anything critical about these tests that have been rejected for years by millions of teachers, parents, students, and education advocates across the country. […]

Autodidacticism - #SolutionsWatch

Who said education was boring? On the contrary. Knowing more about the world, improving your skills and achieving success is electrifying and addictive. But first you have to learn how to learn. Autodidacticism is the process of learning about a skill or a subject without a formal teacher, and today Richard Grove of is here to help us get started on the lifelong quest of self-improvement and self-learning.

Students, Campuses, and Dominant Corporate Power

When it comes to corporate power and control over their lives, now and into the future, today’s college students are perilously dormant. When it comes to putting pressure on Congress to counter the various dictates of corporatism, there is little activity other than some stalwarts contacting their lawmakers on climate violence. Much of campus activity […]

Standardized Testing:  A Self-Contradiction

Did it ever strike you as odd that the foundation on which standardized testing is based is a self-contradiction?  Standardized testing embodies the assumption that only the learning that can be measured is better than learning which cannot be measured. The problem is, can that assumption itself be measured? No, it cannot. Can it even […]
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Will Our Children Be Literate? Will They Look Forward to the Future with Dignity?

Nú Barreto (Guinea-Bissau), A Esperar (‘Waiting’), 2019. The world is adrift in the tides of hunger and desolation. It is difficult to think about education, or anything else, when your children are not able to eat. And yet, the sharp attack on education during this past decade forces us to consider the kind of future […]

Teaching Children About History - #SolutionsWatch

As concerned parents know all too well, the revolution of the mind that is the only thing that will really change the world for the better is an intergenerational project. It is more important than ever that we take back the responsibility of educating our children about history and about the way the world really works. There are many tools we can use to help us in that task, and today Connor Boyack introduces us to another one: a Tuttle Twins story-based American history textbook called America’s History: A Tuttle Twins Series of Stories.

Pennsylvania: Charter School Money Heist

For some time now, public school superintendents in Pennsylvania, as well as the governor of that state and many others, have been striving to restrict the charter school money grab that has been allowed to run amok in that state for years. Cyber charter schools in particular, notorious for consistently abysmal academic results and for […]
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