The Russia-Africa summit is a confident step towards a multipolar world

Nearly 50 African nations participated in the Second Summit Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum in St. Petersburg, which shook the foundations of the antiquated society the West had built for itself. Only five African countries did not attend the summit in Russia on July 27–28 for various reasons, while about 20 heads of state and […]

Sammy the Bull Gravano & The REAL Control System: Michael, Anna & Jay Dyer

Sammy the Bull discusses the Ponzi scheme known as the US money system as well as media Psy0ps with the Bullpen cast: Michael, Jay & Anna. The full uncens0red interview is here: I will be doing a panel discussion and book signing at Heroes Force Gaming & Comic Con in Benton, KY with Game […]

The Grain Deal has become a diplomatic success story, or is there a new phase coming? …

Unfortunately, one of the negative consequences of active hostilities is observed in the foreign trade relations of the countries participating in the conflict. A temporary danger zone does not guarantee safety along trade communication routes. Disrupting the prior steady trading system is costly to the trade balance and frequently leads to major humanitarian crises, such […]

Saudi’s “New Oil” Change Pushing for Multipolarity With China

Termed Saudi’s “new oil” industry, tourism ranks very high on Riyadh’s Vision 2030 strategic plan for the country’s economic transformation away from reliance on oil as the major source of revenue. According to the plan, the Saudis aim to raise about US$46 billion annually from tourism by the end of this decade, i.e., by 2030. […]

Africa defrauded

The current neocolonial policies developed by the West in Africa have allowed the EU to strip African nations of their mineral resources, exploit their agricultural land, dominate their economies and exercise control over their healthcare systems. Europe treats the African nations solely as sources of raw materials, and considers them as obliged to grant unchecked […]
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The Renaissance of Russian-African relations

Build bridges, not walls The next Russia-Africa summit provides a unique opportunity for countries outside the US-centered world to establish their subjectivity and recall that global development goals are not restricted to ensuring the interests of the “golden billion” as they are framed in Western capitals. To declare the existence of a “global South,” with […]

Mongolia, a victim of neo-colonial looting – how Western capital obtained control over Oyu Tolgoi

All over the world, when dealing with developing nations, the economic giants of the West continue to adhere to their normal neocolonial policies. The tendency to treat sovereign states as colonies and sources of raw materials, ripe for asset stripping by Western capitalists, is particularly marked in the case of Mongolia, which has a relatively […]