Meanwhile, the Turkish Lira Has Gone Downhill…

The Turkish lira plunged to a new historic low after Erdoğan had won the second round of the presidential election, according to the Spanish daily newspaper La Vanguardia (today the dollar is worth 20 lira, but Western analysts predict that there will be another 40% drop, with the dollar equaling 28 lira). With inflation skyrocketing, […]
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The Real Power Elite: The Anglo-American Establishment by Quigley – A Book in 10 Minutes – Jay Dyer

Just as important as Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope is his later follow up describing the actual structure of the power elite and how they infiltrated and took over the world order. This is an essential text and this functions as an introduction to the full lectures I do on this book for my members at […]

SCO national currencies instead of the dollar – a vital need

The upcoming session of the Council of the SCO Leaders in July will include discussions on boosting the usage of national currencies in trade between member nations. This topic was previously addressed, and a plan was established during the organization’s summit in Samarkand in September 2022. The SCO is currently one of the most extensive […]

G7 countries in search of an alternative to China’s One Belt, One Road megaproject

As a result of the latest summit of the G7 countries in Hiroshima, the US, Canada, the UK and the EU adopted yet another, 11th to be precise, package of anti-Russian sanctions. The package includes more than 90 companies from all over the world, which, according to Brussels, allegedly violated the restrictive measures and continue […]

Tragedy & Hope in 10 Minutes – This Book Predicted Everything! – Jay Dyer

Many viewers have requested more short form videos they can share with friends and fam who don’t have time to read or do long form podcast, so here you have it – a new series – A Book in 10 Minutes! We kick this off with the classic from Dr Carroll Quigley, Tragedy & Hope. […]
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Sandu targets media freedom in Moldova with new censorship institution

By Ahmed Adel | May 30, 2023 President Maia Sandu announced during a press briefing that a new tax-payer-funded institution intended to supervise and limit press freedom in Moldova would be established. Amid the economic meltdown in the country, Sandu is trying to control the media narrative while also attacking Russia. “The best antidote against […]

American Officials Erase US Role in Empowering Their New Number One Enemy China

By Conor Gallagher – naked capitalism – May 28, 2023  As Washington increasingly inflates the China threat, a few pieces of sly propaganda to sell that conflict are coming more into focus. Recent speeches devoted to China by key figures in the Biden administration largely rested on falsehoods that conveniently erase decades of mistakes by the American elite and […]

“Boris, you are mistaken …”. Some comments on trade between Russia and Turkey

Turkey’s political future is a matter of great interest for the rest of the world. And its 2023 general election has been the subject of much comment in many countries, not least Russia. A key reason for the international interest in the elections is the question of Turkey’s foreign policy course under its new government: […]

Government report claims pandemic as a precedent for ‘environmental’ policy

Lockdowns show behavioural restrictions are possible with the right messaging, a political disease we have yet to learn the extent of eugyppius: a plague chronicle | May 22, 2023 The Advisory Council on the Environment is a body of experts convened by the Federal Republic of Germany to advise the state on matters of environmental […]