Blade Runner 2049, Dredd, Equilibrium, Children of Men & More: Dystopia Now Ep. 4 (Half)

 Tonight we return to the next installment of the dystopia series. Since it’s Thanksgiving, viewing the dystopian warning should make us all the more thankful to God for what we have and what can be lost. We will cover Blade Runner 2049, Mad Max Fury Road, Minority Report, Equilibrium, Surrogates, Dredd, Children of Men […]

Smart Cities & The Coming Dystopia’s Ritual Drama – Jay & Tristan

 Jay and Tristan cover the future plan of the smart cities, not for the elite, but for the slaves, while the .01% live in armored fortresses and underground bases. The smart city will be for the Pl3bs to track and trace like rats in a maze as the occult elite have planned for decades. […]
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And you thought “Road Warrior” was dystopian. How about Australia now? [Video]

Remember this classic scene? Or this spinoff scene (complete with good music)? It would be really great if such dystopian scenes were strictly the province of movies and books, but it isn’t. In fact, in Australia we are actually seeing a real dystopian scenario of utter COVID-19 hysteria. The Great Southern Land is now one […]

Sending Love to the Daughter I Always Wanted

Balance. Inside out, outside in. From science driven diving, environmental warrior in the 1970s — in AZ, in Mexico, in the Sea of Cortez —  to small-town daily newspaperman: Tucson, Bisbee, Wilcox, Sierra Vista, and all these small towns in several rural counties south, on the borderline. El Paso, New Mexico, Mexico, Central America. Teacher, […]
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1984 Predicted the Technocratic Takeover & Great Reset – Jay Dyer Hosts hAlex J0nes

Jay Dyer of https://jaysanalysis.com/ guest hosts The hAlex J0nes Show to break down the modern parallels of the modern Great Reset takeover to George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and lectures or purchase my books in the Shop!   

2001, 2010, Mad Max, Metropolis & More! Dystopia Now – Jay Dyer & Jamie (Half)

 We begin our analysis of the chronological treatment of the classic dystopian films.  The timeframe of the storylines begins with Clockwork Orange in 1980, with 1984 being next, followed by the Mad Max installments, Escape from New York, Metropolis in 2000, and then Kubrick’s 2001 and the overlooked 2010, which deals with a profound […]

Scenes From 2030

TE Creus “Hi, dude!” “Oh. Hi. How are you?” “I’m good. How do you like my shoes?” “Nice. Are those…” “Yeah. The original Nike Lil Nas X Satan’s Shoes, version 2030.” “Wow. But don’t those cost a fortune? How can you afford them, with just the Universal Basic Income?” “Well, duh. I didn’t buy them, …