Donald Trump

The “Return” of America: Biden’s Maiden Foreign Policy Speech

Few could have been slack-jawed at the first significant foreign policy speech of US President Joe Biden.  It can easily be filed under the “America is back” label.  Back as well, as if the previous administration had been incapable of it, was a promise for that practice unflatteringly called jaw-jaw.  “Diplomacy,” the President states from […]

Europe Will Redefine Itself Despite Political Shift in the US

Despite the long-awaited political change in Washington as Democratic President, Joe Biden, has officially become the 46th President of the United States, Europe is unlikely to resume its previously unhindered reliance on its trans-Atlantic partner. The four years of Donald Trump were rife with tension and strife between the US and Europe – in fact, […]

Donald Trump Second Impeachment: Innocent, But The Reprehensible Democrat GUILTY Of Lies, Hate, And Incitement Of Violence

Is there no low that the Democrats won’t stoop to? Clips by the Trump defense team show that the Democrats manufactured the impeachment evidence to lie for political gain.  Who should be on trial? The Democrats for committing every crime that they accuse others of!  Democrats lie, they desecrate the constitution, due process, democracy, the […]

Alone Ex-President

The Ex-President Donald Trump has planned the unrest in the Capitol, these were the words of U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse. “Senators, this clearly was not just one speech. It didn’t just happen,” the 36-year-old Democrat from Lafayette said of Trump’s speech. “It was part of a carefully planned, months-long effort with a very specific instruction: […]

Biden Should Stop Payment on U.S. Funds to Sisi’s Egypt

Credit: CODEPINK Under Donald Trump’s presidency, Egypt, as well as Saudi Arabia, Israel, the UAE, and other repressive regimes, had virtually free reign to commit unchecked human rights abuses without worry that they might be chastised or lose U.S. diplomatic and financial support. But when Joe Biden won the 2020 election, President Sisi of Egypt […]