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After a Year of Biden, Why Do We Still Have Trump’s Foreign Policy?

Getty Images President Biden and the Democrats were highly critical of President Trump’s foreign policy, so it was reasonable to expect that Biden would quickly remedy its worst impacts. As a senior member of the Obama administration, Biden surely needed no schooling on Obama’s diplomatic agreements with Cuba and Iran, both of which began to […]

Seven Myths about the January 6th Capitol Building Incident

After over a year of incessant publicity, the Capitol building incident of January 6, 2021, has taken on mythic proportions. While all myths are prone to hyperbole, not all are entirely false as the following accounting relates. 1.  January 6 was an attempted coup According to Noam Chomsky: “That it was an attempted coup is […]
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Why Washington’s Focus on “Credibility” is a Recipe for War

The most pressing threat to global security right now isn’t so-called “provocations” by either Russia or China. It is the United States’ misplaced obsession with its own “credibility”. This rallying cry by Washington officials – echoed by the media and allies in London and elsewhere – is code for allowing the US to act like […]
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Enduring Stain: The Guantánamo Military Prison Turns Twenty

Anniversaries for detention centres, concentration camps and torture facilities are not the relishable calendar events in the canon of human worth.  But not remembering them, when they were used, and how they continue being used, would be unpardonable amnesia. On January 11, 2002, the first prisoners of the absurdly named “War on Terror”, declared with […]

COVID-19 : Trump et Raoult "contaminent la science", estime Étienne Klein

COVID-19 Coronavirus : Trump et Raoult "contaminent la science", estime Étienne Klein 28 mai 2020 RTL INVITÉ RTL - Étienne Klein, scientifique physicien au CEA (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives), nous a livré son analyse sur l'épidémie de coronavirus et comment l'opinion publique a parasité un certain nombre de raisonnements scientifiques. (...)

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A Radical Assessment of January 6, 2021

Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. Likewise, an incompetent, historically ignorant, politically naive, diplomatically challenged, shallow, impulsive, narcissistic reality show host elected by a conned citizenry to the highest office in the land can occasionally get a few things right as well. I won’t get into a spitting contest over whether the […]
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As Israel Plots Endgame in Occupied Golan, Bennett Must Remember Lessons of the Past

With Syria still embroiled in its own war, Israel has been actively rewriting the rule book regarding its conduct in this Arab country. Gone are the days of a potential return of the illegally occupied Golan Heights to Syrian sovereignty in exchange for peace, per the language of yesteryears. Now, Israel is set to double […]

In Search of Shallow Doctrines: Joe Biden and Trumpism Shorn

The US presidential doctrine is an odd creature.  Usually summoned up by security wonks and satellite personnel who revolve around the President, these eventually assume the name of the person holding office.  They are given the force of a Papal bull and treated by the priest pundits as binding, coherent and sound. Much of this […]

Trump’s ‘blue-collar’ image

Donald Trump still struts on the American political scene. It seems probable that he will stand again for president in 2024. Here I consider one important aspect of his popular appeal – his ‘blue-collar’ image.   In 2018 a book appeared entitled Trump, The Blue-Collar President. The author, financier Anthony Scaramucci, who served as the White House Director of Communications[Read More...]

Trump Thinks He’s Still President: What Is the Evidence?

Donald Trump thinks he’s still president according to no more reliable a source than Rachel Maddow on her February 5th show. This was confirmed in May by Vanity Fair.  Right-wing conspiracy theorists echo this analysis as recently as this month. Left-liberals are smugly confident that Kamala Harris’s running mate is in the White House, snoozing […]