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Grayzone Project - 2020-02-25 - Original post - cached version

With a familiar playbook of evidence-free, anonymously sourced red-baiting, the forces behind Russiagate try to stop Bernie Sanders’ primary success.…

The post The Russiagate Racket targets the Bernie Sanders surge appeared first on The Grayzone.

Down With Tyranny - 2020-02-24 - Original post - cached version
Paradise lost. One misstep is all it takes to take the proud down low.

by Thomas Neuburger

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make proud.
—With apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This is a small point that leads to a larger one. Consider what Mike Bloomberg is...

The Duran - 2020-02-23 - Original post - cached version

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the mainstream media reports that the Trump White House asked Julian Assange to cover up links with Russia, while stating that Russia did not hack the DNC…for that Trump would pardon Assange, according to MSM...

Aletho News - 2020-02-22 - Original post - cached version
By Nebojsa Malic | RT | February 22, 2020

Establishment Democrats have now used the claims of ‘Russian meddling’ to go after their own progressive wing as well as President Donald Trump. The bogus accusation seems to be nothing more than cover for their own wrongdoing...

The Duran - 2020-02-22 - Original post - cached version

Eric Zuesse

Joe Lauria at Consortium News headlined on February 21st, “Apparent US Intel Meddling in US Election With ‘Report’ Russia is Aiding Sanders”, and he noted that,

If the story is true and if intelligence agencies are truly...

Aletho News - 2020-02-18 - Original post - cached version

By Helen Buyniski | RT | February 17, 2020 The same issues that led to the Democratic debacle in Iowa earlier this month are poised to make next week’s vote in Nevada equally hellish – yet party leaders seem unwilling to connect the dots or recognize the problem. Early voters in Nevada have...

Down With Tyranny - 2020-02-16 - Original post - cached version
You wonder why independent voters and millions of Democrats don't trust the establishment?

-by Michael Brennan

December 16, 2014: President Obama signs into law omnibus spending bill that increases maximum possible individual political contributions from $129,600 annually to $...

Aletho News - 2020-02-13 - Original post - cached version

By Helen Buyniski | RT | February 12, 2020 Google and a dodgy “election security” nonprofit are reaching out to Democratic campaigns with free security tools, even offering to activate them. After the Iowa debacle, campaigns should be wary of DNC insiders bearing gifts. Election security...

21 Century Wire - 2020-02-09 - Original post - cached version

Episode #314 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW resumes on February 9, 2020 with host Patrick Henningsen, broadcasting LIVE on the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR)…


5pm-8pm UK Time | 12pm-3pm ET (US) | 9am-12pm PT (US)

This week...

Dissident Voice - 2020-02-09 - Original post - cached version

After several weeks of intensive reading and discussion on class, capitalism and socialism in my undergraduate course, The Politics of Labor, we would do following exercise: Standing before the blackboard (google it) I encouraged the students to list existing, objective and determining...

Grayzone Project - 2020-02-07 - Original post - cached version

Max Blumenthal breaks down the shadowy network of billionaires, Democratic elites, and Russiagate profiteers behind the Shadow app that ruined…

The post Iowa debacle fueled by anti-Bernie billionaires, Russiagate hucksters, failed DNC elites appeared first on The Grayzone.

Aletho News - 2020-02-07 - Original post - cached version

By Nebojsa Malic | RT | February 7, 2020 Much of the new Senate report about ‘Russian meddling’ in the 2016 election consists of Obama administration officials covering their posteriors – but is also unwittingly revealing about its (false) premises, sources and methods. A day after its members...

Aletho News - 2020-02-07 - Original post - cached version

RT | February 6, 2020 Increasingly glaring irregularities in the Iowa caucus have forced DNC chair Tom Perez to call for a recanvass, as new revelations about those who funded the fiasco suggest a campaign to steal not just the election, but the party. Just when it looked like the Iowa caucus...

Need To Know News - 2020-02-06 - Original post - cached version

Bernie Sanders, who was cheated out of the nomination last year, reportedly sent five lawyers to meet with party officials after he sent field workers to polling locations to gather an independent count.

Grayzone Project - 2020-02-06 - Original post - cached version

Silicon Valley billionaire Reid Hoffman funded the creation of ACRONYM, the group that sabotaged the Iowa caucus results, after bankrolling…

The post Acronym group that sabotaged Iowa caucus birthed by billionaire who funded Alabama disinformation campaign appeared first on The Grayzone...

MintPress - 2020-02-05 - Original post - cached version

Two days after the caucus, the fiasco in Iowa continues. On Monday, Shadow, the app the Democratic Party was relying on to count votes, crashed, leaving all sides angry at the incompetence and the confusion it caused. Nevertheless, with no precincts reporting, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg...

Down With Tyranny - 2020-02-05 - Original post - cached version
He Can Do It by Nancy Ohanian

After Bernie's big win in Iowa, the greed-driven and power-mad Democratic Party Establishment is in panic mode. They will do anything to stop him. I expect it to get really ugly really fast-- especially if the new Emerson poll of likely New Hampshire...

Grayzone Project - 2020-02-04 - Original post - cached version

Behind the app that delayed Iowa’s voting results is a dark money operation funded by anti-Bernie Sanders billionaires. Its top…

The post Billionaire pro-Israel Buttigieg backer Seth Klarman funds group behind Iowa’s disastrous voting app appeared first on The Grayzone.

Down With Tyranny - 2020-02-04 - Original post - cached version
He Can Do It, detail, by Nancy Ohanian

We should know results from Iowa soon but an AP VoteCast just released within the hour indicates that "The first voters to make their choice in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination are desperate for fundamental change to the...

MintPress - 2020-02-03 - Original post - cached version

The Democratic National Congress (DNC) has set up an extensive online communications team of trolls – and is launching it just in time for the Iowa caucus. CNN’s Donnie O’Sullivan spoke to a number of its agents (almost all of whom insisted on remaining anonymous) and reported that the new DNC...

Down With Tyranny - 2020-01-31 - Original post - cached version

Electability: Trump is unlikely to lose Texas in November but a new Texas Lyceum poll shows that if anyone can beat him there, it's Bernie. Trump is leading Bernie 50-47% in Texas, a 3 point lead. Trump has a5 point lead over Status Quo Joe, an 8 point lead over Elizabeth Warren and an 8 point...

Down With Tyranny - 2020-01-27 - Original post - cached version

by Thomas Neuburger

"Where would you stick the knife in?" 
— 2020 Democratic Convention Rules Committee nominee John Podesta, referring to candidate Bernie Sanders in 2016

DNC chair Tom Perez recently presented his nominations for the 2020 Democratic Convention standing...

Grayzone Project - 2020-01-27 - Original post - cached version

With Senator Bernie Sanders surging in the polls, DNC chair Tom Perez has put forward a cartoonishly neoliberal cast of…

The post To rig primary against Bernie, DNC chair Tom Perez nominates regime-change agents, Israel lobbyists, and Wall Street consultants appeared first on The Grayzone...

Aletho News - 2020-01-15 - Original post - cached version

By Robert Bridge | Strategic Culture Foundation | January 15, 2020 I suppose it is necessary, considering the bleak and humorless times we live in, to immediately start by acknowledging that the headline is meant as satire, what Webster defines as a form of “ridicule to expose and criticize...

Grayzone Project - 2019-12-30 - Original post - cached version

Why are so many intelligence veterans throwing their weight behind a young Indiana mayor with such a thin foreign policy…

The post The spooks’ choice: Coup plotters and CIA agents fill Pete Buttigieg’s list of national security endorsers appeared first on The Grayzone.

Aletho News - 2019-12-21 - Original post - cached version

By Larry C Johnson | Sic Semper Tyrannis | December 20, 2019 Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report insists that Guccifer 2.0 and DCLeaks were created by Russia’s military intelligence organization, the GRU, as part of a Russian plot to meddle in the U.S. 2016 Presidential Election. But this is...

Aletho News - 2019-12-20 - Original post - cached version

By Nebojsa Malic | RT | December 19, 2019 There is actually some good advice in the Democratic National Committee’s five suggestions for avoiding “disinformation” online. Too bad it’s buried in hypocrisy and promotion of literal disinformation shops, grifters and frauds. On Tuesday, as Democrats...

Aletho News - 2019-12-20 - Original post - cached version

Sputnik – December 20, 2019 The US Democratic National Committee has published a list of recommendations on how to combat online disinformation. This list of “tips and additional resources” mentions Russian “propaganda outlets like RT & Sputnik.” “Don’t let yourself be manipulated. Be aware...

Aletho News - 2019-12-20 - Original post - cached version

Sputnik -December 20, 2019 WASHINGTON  – The Democrats are targeting their own population by impeaching President Donald Trump, former US Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts said. On Wednesday, Trump became the third president in US history to be impeached when the Democratic-...

The Duran - 2019-11-30 - Original post - cached version

DNC vice chair Michael Blake, invited on America’s Newsroom on Tuesday, attacked Fox News over Tucker Carlon’s opinion that Michelle Obama is the only figure who can unite the Democrats. “She’s not running. The core question is why the hell does Tucker...

Down With Tyranny - 2019-10-24 - Original post - cached version
Richard J. Daley, legendary boss of the Democratic Party machine in Chicago (source: Chicago Sun Times)

by Thomas Neuburger

We're still more than half a year from the 2020 Democratic National Convention with the entire voting part of the primary race ahead of us, yet fears of a dramatic...

Aletho News - 2019-10-23 - Original post - cached version

By Joaquin Flores | Strategic Culture Foundation | October 22, 2019 The DNC continues to promote Biden despite his not resonating with likely voters, undecideds, and swing-staters. Gabbard shone bright, but appears to have earned her place back by putting in work for Biden. The DNC must focus on...

Aletho News - 2019-10-21 - Original post - cached version

By Renée Parsons | OffGuardian | October 21, 2019 Even before Rep. Tulsi Gabbard threatened to boycott the October 15th Dem debate as the DNC usurps the role of voters in the Democratic primacy 2020 election and with an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump on the table, the Swamp...

Down With Tyranny - 2019-10-14 - Original post - cached version
Every word a true one

by Thomas Neuburger

Almost the very definition of corruption is trading money for favors while serving the public interest in public office. Almost, but not quite. There are other definitions, and Zephyr Teachout's "self-serving use of public power for private ends...

Down With Tyranny - 2019-09-13 - Original post - cached version

Even before Biden showed how incoherent and unfit he is during yesterday's debate, Michael Hudson, University of Missouri in Kansas City economics professor and author of And forgive them their debts: Lending, Foreclosure and Redemption from Bronze Age Finance to the Jubilee Year, published...

Down With Tyranny - 2019-09-13 - Original post - cached version

Paula Hawks sent me some spam yesterday. She's the chair of the South Dakota Democratic Party. Before that she was in the state legislature and minority whip from 2015 to 2016. She gave her seat up in 2016 to run against Congresswoman Kristi Noem for the state's at-large congressional...

Down With Tyranny - 2019-09-08 - Original post - cached version

If you watched Biden's ghastly performance at the CNN Climate Crisis former last week, you know exactly whey his campaign fought so hard against allowing the DNC to sponsor a Climate debate. Does he even know what the Green New Deal is? It would be hard to say since he seemed so...

Down With Tyranny - 2019-08-29 - Original post - cached version
As Jimmy Breslin wrote in his blurb, this is the best book ever written about legendary Democratic Party boss Richard J. Daley, king of the smoke-filled back room deal. (Fun fact: John Belushi played a character closely based on Royko in an early Lawrence Kasden film, Continental Divide, that's...
Need To Know News - 2019-08-28 - Original post - cached version

Gabbard has gained support for her anti-war message, but her membership in the Council on Foreign Relations reveals she is a collectivist and globalist. Every President in recent memory has been anti-war while on the campaign trail only to change 180 degrees after getting into the White House...

Aletho News - 2019-08-13 - Original post - cached version

By Ray McGovern | Consortium News | August 12, 2019 As if it weren’t enough of a downer for Russiagate true believers that no Trump-Russia collusion was found, federal judges are now demanding proof that Russia hacked into the DNC in the first place. It is shaping up to be a significant...

Porkins Policy Review - 2019-08-09 - Original post - cached version


Mike Swanson is off this week and next, despite the odd behavior in the markets and the need for his insights. We got two hours of frustrated rants from your humble host and his hostages.

As Tuesday Night kicked off Chuck was in a bad mood. The constant...

Aletho News - 2019-07-31 - Original post - cached version

RT | July 30, 2019 Arguments by the Democratic National Committee in a lawsuit against Russia, WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign over the 2016 election were “entirely divorced” from facts, a federal judge in New York said as he threw out the case. The DNC sued in April 2018, claiming that the...

Consortium News - 2019-07-22 - Original post - cached version

On the third anniversary of the release by WikiLeaks of the DNC emails, Ray McGovern looks back at how the DNC diverted the damaging contents into a trumped up conspiracy blaming Russia with no evidence at all.  By Ray McGovern…

Aletho News - 2019-06-17 - Original post - cached version

By Ray McGovern | Consortium News | June 17, 2019 CrowdStrike, the controversial cybersecurity firm that the Democratic National Committee chose over the FBI in 2016 to examine its compromised computer servers, never produced an un-redacted or final forensic report for the government because the...

The Duran - 2019-06-17 - Original post - cached version

Via Zerohedge…

It’s been known for some time that the US Government based its conclusion that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on a report by cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike, which the DNC paid over a million dollars to conduct forensic analysis and other work...

Richard Falk - 2019-06-11 - Original post - cached version

Are the Democrats in a Race to the Bottom?


I have had several recent conversations with friends about the 2020 election who preface their assessment with this liberal sentiment—‘I am in favor of whoever has the best chance of beating Trump.’ I respond meekly with a question,...

21 Century Wire - 2019-06-07 - Original post - cached version

By Philip Giraldi

Voters looking ahead to 2020 are being bombarded with soundbites from the twenty plus Democratic would-be candidates. That Joe Biden is apparently leading the pack according to opinion polls should come as no surprise as he stands for nothing apart from being the...

The Duran - 2019-06-05 - Original post - cached version

Authored by John Solomon via The Hill…

During the combined two decades she served as a U.S. senator and secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s patrons regularly donated to her family charity when they had official business pending before America’s most powerful political woman....

Aletho News - 2019-05-26 - Original post - cached version

By Renee Parsons | OffGuardian | May 26, 2019 In its recent Official 2020 Issues Survey, DNC Chair Tom Perez solicited input on the ‘top’ issue for the upcoming June debate as the Dems will use that “feedback to shape our electoral strategy.” In other words, the following identified issues will...

Aletho News - 2019-05-22 - Original post - cached version

By Matthew Ehret | Strategic Culture Foundation | May 21, 2019 As if more evidence was needed to debunk the pathetic narrative that the Russians hacked the DNC computers during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump confidant Roger Stone, currently on trial for lying during the Mueller...


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