How 2019 Coup in Bolivia Exemplified Millennia of Global History

Throughout thousands of years of human history, dictatorships have been the norm, not the exception, and all of them have been by the aristocracy, against the public. (Sometimes, the aristocrats are led by one person, a “monarch,” Führer, etc.; but he or she then REPRESENTS the aristocracy, NOT the public.) Aristocrats are the nation’s few […]

Organized Labor and the Crisis of Democracy

We live in a time when it’s become a boring cliché to say that democracy is under attack. Whether it’s an ultra-reactionary Supreme Court, a nationwide Republican assault on voting rights, a MAGA movement that hopes to put an amoral power addict back in the presidency in 2024, a gathering backlash against women’s rights and […]
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Burning Questions before the Sri Lankan People’s Movement: Maya John

Guest post by MAYA JOHN [This article is based on a talk delivered at the online session organised by International Solidarity with the People’s Movement in Sri Lanka on a 23.07.2022] The people’s movement in Sri Lanka has entered into a deadlock with the ‘(s)election’ of Ranil Wickremesinghe as President. Within hours of him assuming … Continue reading Burning Questions before the Sri Lankan People’s Movement: Maya John →

The Popular Uprising in Sri Lanka – What Next?

Guest post by MAYA JOHN A powerful Sri Lankan people’s movement, Janatha Aragalaya, has shattered the legitimacy of the ruling establishment of the country and has come to pose a serious challenge to the imperialist powers that have been backing the corrupt regime. Functioning from the Colombo’s Galle Face and numerous other centres which have … Continue reading The Popular Uprising in Sri Lanka – What Next? →

What Constitutes Being a Dictator?

Justin Trudeau: "Democracy never happens by accident. And, as we are reminded now, it certainly won’t continue without effort. I spoke about Canada’s commitment to standing up for democratic values – and against authoritarianism." A Toronto Sun editorial headlined "Canadian democracy is taking a beating." The editorial warned, "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is slowly dismantling our democracy in real time."

Solidarity for the Prisoners of Conscience in India – Statement in Support of Teesta, Sreekumar & other Human Rights Defenders in India

260 prominent human rights activists, intellectuals, journalists, artists and community leaders from all over the world strongly condemned the arrest of eminent human rights activist Teesta Setalvad and R.B. Sreekumar , Sanjiv Bhatt (already in prison for over 18 months) as well as journalist and fact checker Mohammed Zubair in India.

What more proof is needed that America is a dictatorship, not a democracy?

Eric Zuesse Ever since 2014, when the first scientific examination of whether America is a democracy or instead a dictatorship was published, and when it found clearly that America is a dictatorship by the super-rich, I have been studying other relevant evidence; and, on June 28th, the great Democratic Party investigative journalist David Sirota provided […]