Deep State

Talk of martial law resurfaces as Newsweek interviews Pentagon RESISTANCE [Video]

Dr Steve Turley comments here on a Newsweek piece from last week noting that certain unnamed officials in the Pentagon are cooking up contingency plans to act in case President Trump should try imposing martial law to deal with the fraudulent 2020 elections. Yes. Fraudulent. It is unclear whether or not the President actually intends to do […]

Who is Creating a New Chinese Boogey Man? (An Examination of Modern Psychological Warfare)

Originally published on Vineyard of the Saker Since many good people have found themselves susceptible to the narrative that China is the global supervillain conspiring to overthrow western Christian values by any means necessary, I believe some lessons should be brought to bear. Anti-Nation state fanatic George Soros stated at the 2020 Davos Summit that […]

The British Hand Behind America’s Color Revolution: Soros and Lord Malloch Brown

From the Canadian Patriot Review Canadian Patriot editor Matthew Ehret discusses the ongoing US Color Revolution with a focus on George Soros, Dominion voting systems, Smartmatic and Soros’ globalist bosom buddy Lord Mark Malloch Brown who has just become President of Soros’ Open Society Institutes on December 4th. Matthew Ehret is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot […]

What is the United States of America? A Military Democracy

Military leader, council, assembly of the people are the organs of gentile society developed into military democracy – military, since war and organization for war have now become regular functions of national life. Their neighbors’ wealth excites the greed of peoples who already see in the acquisition of wealth one of the main aims of […]

Julian Assange: Covid Risks and Campaigns for Pardon

Before the January 4 ruling of District Judge Vanessa Baraitser in the extradition case of Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks publisher will continue to endure the ordeal of cold prison facilities while being menaced by a COVID-19 outbreak.  From November 18, Assange, along with inmates in House Block 1 at Belmarsh prison in south-east London, were […]

Cultural Warfare and the American Revolution (Franklin, West and Morse Revisited)

From the Canadian Patriot Review In this lecture delivered as part of the Rising Tide Foundation series “Towards an Age of Creative Reason”, Canadian Patriot editor Matthew Ehret introduces the fight to establish a cultural revolution in the arts and sciences initiated by Benjamin Franklin, and a small international network of co-conspirators of the 18th century […]