‘Serious’ Covid vax side-effects 40 times more likely than reported – researcher

Samizdat | May 4, 2022 Professor Harald Matthes of Berlin’s Charite University Hospital said on Tuesday that he has recorded 40 times more“serious side effects” from Covid-19 vaccinations than official German sources have. As Matthes called on doctors to speak up for those allegedly injured, US pharma giant Pfizer released a tranche of data apparently showing […]

Our Digital Panopticon

The CDC has been using phone tracking data to monitor schools and churches. The CIA has also been spying on Americans, with no judicial oversight and without congressional approval. By Aaron Kheriaty, MD | Human Flourishing | May 4, 2022 Yesterday, Vice broke the story that during the previous two years, as the headline announced, “The CDC tracked Millions […]

Yes, TCW is being censored

TCW Defending Freedom | May 3, 2022 AFTER many reports over the weekend that the site was not working for some users, we have established that we are being blocked by the adult content filter on the Internet Service Provider (ISP) Three. Affected users get the message above, which does not make it clear that the site is being censored, but […]

Parsing the “data” from Moderna’s selective leaks to the press about its failed clinical trial in kids under 6

The shot made no difference against Covid but it does cause myocarditis and came with a 15% to 17% adverse event rate. Meanwhile the CDC admits that 74.2% of kids already have natural immunity. By Toby Rogers | April 30, 2022 On Friday, the NY Times and other stenographers for the cartel breathlessly announced that Moderna has asked the […]

Kickbacks, Corruption & Scandal: The History of the CDC

By Michael Bryant | OffGuardian | April 29, 2022 The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was founded in 1946 as a backwater quasi-governmental agency with a negligible budget and a handful of employees tasked with a simple mission: “prevent malaria from spreading across the nation.” Seventy-five years later it has metastasized into a multi-billion dollar bureaucratic behemoth that […]

Post office social media surveillance program found to be illegal

By Christina Maas | Reclaim The Net | April 1, 2022 A review conducted by the Postal Service Office of Inspector General found that the Postal Service surveillance program iCOP exceeded its legal authority by surveilling Americans during protests between 2018 and 2021. In 2021, Yahoo News reported the existence of the secret program, prompting outrage […]

China calls for ‘objective’ analysis of Russia’s claims about US biolabs in Ukraine

Samizdat | April 1, 2022 The international community should provide a “fair, objective and professional” assessment of Russia’s allegations regarding alleged US military laboratories in Ukraine, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said. In March, Russia shared evidence obtained from laboratories across Ukraine that apparently confirms that Pentagon-funded labs were working on “biological weapons components,” […]