My Speech on Biden’s Vaccination Mandate at Hillsdale College Constitution Day

UPDATE:  The video of the livestream presentation has been removed by Hillsdale College.   The video will be reposted after it is edited back in Michigan. xxxx Thanks to Hillsdale College for inviting me to thrash Biden’s vaccine mandate at their Constitution Day Celebration.  Thanks to Ronald J. Pestritto for his kind introduction.  My 25 minute […]

Star Trek: A Viewpoint beyond Liking It

See Part 1. What is the point of Star Trek? When examined under apposite practical context, the conclusion may validate the argument that Star Trek filmography cannot be separated from the business enterprise that created it. Consequently, it is no-brainer to deduce that special interests control the content, direction, and purpose of such films. Star […]
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Sea Level Rise; A Major Non-Existent Threat Exploited by Alarmists and Politicians.

I know there are many articles on this website about sea level, none better than the recent one by David Middleton that speaks about “More nonsense about sea level rise.” I thought his article would make the continuance of this article unnecessary. It doesn’t because it is written for the WUWT readers. Unfortunately, too many […]