MK ULTRA, Tavistock & Psychological Warfare – Jay Dyer / Courtenay Turner Part 2

 In this episode, Jay Dyer returns to The Courtenay Turner Podcast, for a discussion on the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. Though little known by the masses it has been referred to by some as the mother of all think tanks for its tremendous influence, shaping the opinions of the masses, through the excogitation […]

Some Remarks about Movements

Guest Post by Ravi Sinha Accountability is foundational to democracy and, ultimately, people are supposed to take those in power to account through democratic processes and mechanisms. But, then, we also know what often happens in democracy. Electoral competition gives rise to ‘technologies’ (often religious, cultural and identity-based) which turn citizens into “Bhakts” (devotees) and … Continue reading Some Remarks about Movements →

Enlightenment Liberalism, Social Engineering & Behavioral Modification – Jay Dyer

Jay Dyer joins The Philosophical Minds Podcast to talk Psychological Warfare, Social Engineering & Behavioral Modification as well as enlightenment political theory and its weaknesses.   Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and lectures or purchase my books in the Shop!   

Field report from protest against granite mining at Bodikonda: Chandra Sekhar

Guest post by Chandra Sekhar All images courtesy the author Background Bodikonda is a monolithic stone hill in Lakshminarayanapuram village in Parvathipuram mandal in Vizianagaram district. This has been in the news on and off over the last two years or so, because local people have been protesting the lease given to private companies for … Continue reading Field report from protest against granite mining at Bodikonda: Chandra Sekhar →