Failed ICJ Case Against Russia Backfires, Paves Way for Genocide Charges Against Ukraine

An esteemed UN court has issued little-noticed but hugely significant rulings in cases brought by Kiev and its Western sponsors against the Kremlin. The judgments raise grave questions about Kiev’s military campaign in the Donbas, whether it was attempting genocide during its eight-year-long war against the population, and if the West planned to exploit the brutal repression to provoke war with Moscow.

Reflections on Russia and Crimea: The Hate Goes One Way

[This is the third part of a travelogue series by two CAM writers who recently traveled to Russia and Crimea. Part 1 of the series can be read here; and Part II here.—Editors] We spent nearly 20 days in Russia, including five days in Crimea. During our journey, we spent around 70 hours on trains riding […]
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Leaked files suggest hidden British hand in latest Kerch Bridge strike

The Grayzone has exposed British intelligence freelancers for collaborating with Ukraine’s Security Service to destroy Kerch Bridge. Leaked documents suggest they played a role in the latest attack on the bridge, and may be helping Kiev hunt down accused collaborators. On July 16, a predawn assault on the Kerch Bridge connecting Crimea with mainland Russia left two civilians dead and a 14-year-old injured. As advisors to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky hinted at Ukraine’s culpability, Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed his […]

The U.S.-NATO Fantasy World About Ukraine

Eric Zuesse (blogs at The U.S.-NATO fantasy world about Ukraine is virtually the opposite of the reality about Ukraine. In the U.S.-NATO fantasy world, there was, in February 2014, no U.S. coup d’etat that violently overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected and neutralist President in that country where the vast majority of the residents — the […]

“Zelensky Will Sooner Take Back the Moon than Take Back Crimea,” Says Crimean Resident in a Rebuke to Neo-Conservatives

Two CAM authors recount their experiences during a journey to Crimea [This is part two of a three-part travelogue series. Part 1 of the series can be read here—Editors] In May of this year, we took the long, 27-hour train ride from Moscow to Crimea to see how life is there and what the sentiments […]