How America’s leadership weakened during the pandemic

Unlike Hollywood movies where Americans have the lead in saving the world, the crisis of the corona virus pandemic has shown the opposite. The first major test showed that the American health care system was inferior to the Russian one, created during the Cold War. And while the Kremlin has managed to provide real assistance to a number of European[Read More...]

Living with the Virus? – A New Nirvana for our Times

Whether people of the world will have to learn to live with the virus? As India and many parts of the world seem to be engulfed by the second or third wave of the Coronavirus epidemic – which is more dangerous and has appeared with new symptoms – this idea is being pushed from different quarters.  Newspaper articles or surveys[Read More...]

UK’s Office of National Statistics Admits (Without Explanation) the Number of Deaths Were About 30% Too High, Hospitalizations About 50% Too High

UK’s Office of National Statistics Admits (Without Explanation) the Number of Deaths Were About 30% Too High, Hospitalizations About 50% Too High by Meryl Nass, ND April 13, 2021   It is the darnedest thing.  The UK government flat out admits it has been lying to the public, but in such a bland manner that

COVID Times Should Not Be Used As A Cover to Push Narrow Interests

COVID-19 pandemic as well as the lockdowns which followed in most countries have caused a lot of distress . However the wider bitter reality is that these times were also used to push the narrow interests of very powerful persons and forces. Inequalities have  increased greatly. While tens of millions have suffered great distress and loss of income, the fortunes[Read More...]

Nimble Failure: The Australian COVID-19 Vaccination Program

“I am not going to be talking about numbers today,” Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly told Australia’s Radio National on April 12.  This echoed suggestions from the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, who had adopted the position that Australia best forget meeting any clear vaccination targets.  Having left battling the pandemic to State governments, the Federal government has found[Read More...]

COVID-19: South Asia passes the grisly milestone of 15 million cases

Coronavirus infections in the South Asia has surpassed the grim milestone of 15 million on Saturday, a Reuters tally shows. The surge is led by India’s record daily infections and vaccine shortages. South Asia — India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, and Sri Lanka — accounts for 11% of global cases and almost 6% of deaths. The region accounts for[Read More...]

Amidst shortages in India unplanned Vaccine Plan stumbles

The  second wave of COVID-19 pandemic  situation across the country is becoming alarming. With  nearly 1.52 lakh new cases  being reported daily (as on 10th April)  and  the  mounting death toll a calamitous health situation is emerging. Amidst this, various states reported vaccine shortages and   people are being sent home at the vacination centers. With  spike in  infections people started[Read More...]

Ontario has had the longest lockdown in North America – which has been so successful it’s just gone into another one

April 8, 2021, -by Eva K Bartlett It’s April 2021 and we’re still being fed the same “stay home, save lives” line of 2020. But lockdowns are based on dodgy data and exaggerations, as well as causing more harm than they supposedly prevent. As of today, Ontario is once again locked down.