Prometheus & Alien Covenant: UFO Alien Symbolism – Jay & Tristan

 Tristan joins me to cover the religious and Luciferian symbolism in the recent Alien installments: Prometheus & Alien Covenant. What is interesting about these films is the inclusion of the A.I. element and the biblical and religious “covenantal” notions. Live at 720 PM CST      Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to […]

Deified Flesh: The Real Presence of Christ & the Eucharist – John 6 & More – Jay Dyer (Half)

 We continue our next lecture on the Gospel of John in the controversial chapter of Jesus’ proclamation that salvation is directly connected to the partaking of His “flesh and blood.” Eating His body and blood will become a central doctrine of the early church and the basis for our own deification, as St. Cyril […]

Raised by Wolves (2020) Explained – Jay Dyer

 Are you raised by wolf? Tennessee are. We also know how to dissect movies from Ridley Scott. If you’ve seen a snake and an egg, you’ve seen breakfast in Tennessee as well as the mysteries of Platonism. Here the message of the orphic mysteries combines with the Mithra Mysteries and Sol-ism to produce a […]
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Abraham & Genesis Explained 4 – Jay Dyer (Half)

In our Bible series we move to the next installment – the Abrahamic covenant.  We will see how is the model of the covenant for the inclusion of Gentiles, according to St Paul, as Abraham himself was a Gentile.  Abraham is the famous convert, and for St. Paul is the model of the convert as see he looked forward to the coming Messiah.  The full talks are available for those who subscribe to Live at 5 PM CST


Genesis Explained 1- Bible Series – Jay Dyer (Half)

Today we start a new series where we will take on a monumental task of covering the entire Bible. We will lecture on all the other topics we have been as well, this is just a new series projected to take the next few years, Lord willing. We will cover every chapter in the Orthodox Bible, aside from the few we have already done. Hopefully we can see that clearly this book is from God and not like any other religious text. 


Debate: Jay Dyer Vs Scott Smith – Orthodoxy Vs Gnosticism

I was invited back to Aeon Byte for a debate – this is uploaded with express written permission. Jay Dyer and Scott Smith joined us for a civil but passionate debate. We discussed the Gnostic and Orthodox differences on Theodicy, Biblical Inerrancy, Free Will, Salvation, the nature of Jesus, and much more. Is the world evil or in harmony? Is the Old Testament about a good or evil god? What were the true origins of Christianity? And much more. For some reason, my vaping was as incendiary as the topics.


The Western Loss of Theophanies, Descent & Recapitulation of Christ

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By: Jay Dyer
“Thy mystery of the incarnation of the Word bears the power of all hidden meanings and figures of Scripture as well as the knowledge of visible and intelligible creatures. The one who knows the mystery of the cross and the tomb knows the reason of things. And the one who has been initiated into the ineffable power of the Resurrection knows the purpose for which God originally made all things.” (St. Maximos the Confessor, Chapters on Knowledge, 1.66)