Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy

The COVID-19 outbreak has triggered a world economic disruption of significant magnitude with an escalating pace, resulting in steep recessions in many countries. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented global economic impact at an astonishing rate, leading to rapid economic downturns in many countries. Despite exceptional policy support, the baseline forecast envisages a 5.2 percent decline in global Gross[Read More...]

Message de Véran (aux confinés de Nice et Dunkerque) : "c'est le confinement qui provoque la circulation du virus"

« Ce qui fait que la grippe s'arrête au printemps, c'est qu'en fait, au printemps, qu'est-ce qui se passe ? On ouvre les fenêtres, on ouvre les portes, on n'est plus confinés dans des lieux, on va dehors. Et donc c'est le confinement qui provoque la circulation du virus. » Pourquoi il est encore Ministre ?#VeranDemission Rappel pour nos amis de Nice et Dunkerque — SILVANO (@silvano_trotta) February 25, 2021 C'était le message (...)


A People’s History of Struggle: Liberty or Lockdown

Colin Todhunter UK health minister Matt Hancock has warned the government’s timeline for unlocking coronavirus restrictions could be slowed as ministers remain “vigilant” against infection rates. What began in March 2020 as a three-week lockdown to ‘save the NHS’ has turned into a year-long clampdown on fundamental liberties with the spectre of freedom through vaccination …