Rick Wiles Floats 2024 Prez Campaign On Platform Of Seizing Big Tech Billionaires’ Wealth & Giving It To The Poor

If you believe in taking from the rich to give to the poor, then you have just bought into the prime slogan of Socialism and Communism. It's a bad idea even if it is against someone you dislike. Why? Because there are hundreds of millions of people in the world who consider YOU to be rich. - and you will be next.

Victor Davis Hansen: The Left’s 1960’s dream is America’s 2021 nightmare [Video]

The piece I am drawing from here can be found on American Greatness. Titled, “Our Animal Farm”, Victor Davis Hansen makes no bones in calling the transformation of the greatest and most freedom loving country on earth into the dark repository of “OneThink” anybody could have imagined. A soft tyranny is in place in the […]

The Three Farm Laws: Not Only a Fight of Farmers for Themselves but Also for India’s Food Security

India has been painfully experimenting with a market based approach since 1990. Gurcharan Das in his second book on the question of Artha (wealth), titled India Unbound: The Social and Economic Revolution from Independence to the Global Information Age, (2000) describes economic reform as a process of inducing “pain in a slow incremental manner” (p. […]

Great Reset, Inclusive Capitalism, The Vatican & Klaus – Richard Grove / Jay Dyer

 Richard Grove of Tragedy and Hope and the Grand Theft World Podcast joins me to cover the recent shocking admissions on the part of the Davos elite and the World Economic Forum concerning the Great Reset, communism, dialectics, the banking power and the Vatican’s acceptance of these plans, so called “inclusive capitalism,” austerity, Klaus […]